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10 Benefits Of Social Media For Your Business

In a study, Sherpa Marketing found that more people follow brands on Instagram than they follow celebrities. Whether you believe it or not, there are intangible benefits of social media that can only be witnessed once brands start giving importance to social media platforms.

Imagine investing five hours a week to increase your traffic, business recognition, leads, with little or no cost at all. Yes, around 90% of marketers claim that social media is generating more than expected exposure.

Social platforms are now a significant part of the brand’s marketing strategy. Social media marketing is the most cost-effective method to drive traffic and increase brand recognition. Not taking help from it is like missing the golden opportunity to hit the jackpot.

A report by Social Media Examiner suggests that 96% of the brands are already using social media. Still, sadly 85% of these marketers don’t even have a clue on which tools to use for social media marketing.

Let’s look deep into some of the fantastic benefits of social media that can help your business get an edge over your competitors.

Thought-provoking Benefits of social media for your business

1. Improving Brand Awareness

Whether you believe it or not, social media is one heck of budget-friendly marketing methods used to put your content out there and establish brand visibility.

A smart social media strategy will not only boost brand awareness; it will help you to engage potential customers and convert visitors into customers.

To begin with, you need to create social media profile of your business. This will be used to interact with the customer. Get the employees, business associates, and investors to like, share, and support your business.

When customers interact with your business, it will start building your reputation. A reputation of a brand that communicates with its customers just by spending a few hours every day will give you intangible benefits.


With increased exposure, it will be easy to pitch those customers your services, and they’ll be happy to do business with you.

Stats reveal that content shared by employees is re-shared more than the content shared by the brand. So, everyone must share brand content to increase awareness.


Check out this simple update from Purple brand. It’s just an update informing the customer that there will be delay in delivery of orders. A smart way to create brand awareness and engage customers at the same time.



2. Increased Inbound Traffic

There is a neck-to-neck competition out there. Every customer is searching to fulfill their need. Without social media, in your business, it will be impossible to rank high in the search results and grab the attention of potential customers.

With social media, everyone is connected in real-time. Brands have this ability to connect directly with their customers and listen to them and help them get what they need.

Social media has allowed people from various backgrounds to communicate with the brand from all over the globe.

Nothing is local anymore. If you are good at what you do, in no-time social media will make you famous, and people from every religion and race will run towards your brand to avail your service.

From social media, you’ll get the inbound traffic that was once generated with time-consuming SEO.

Check how WordStream uses video to drive traffic on their channel.

3. A boost to your search engine ranking

As discussed earlier, just using SEO tactics is not enough to make traffic on your website and improve the rank in search engines.

When you start interacting with customers on social media, they’ll be happy to mention your brand and share their experiences with the world. This makes it easy for the search engine to index your social media posts in their search results.

When this happens, your overall search engine ranking improves exponentially.

It is a matter of time that people realize that you are offering services that are creating some waves in the digital world.

4. Better Conversion Rates

When people see a brand on social media, they register the brand in their minds and associate the services with the brand.

The customers of today are smart. They won’t order from a website they haven’t heard or seen anywhere.

When you stay active on social media, people know about your brand, and this develops a matter of trust and recognition.

According to the Pew Research Center, most social media users visit their accounts at least once a day, and a number of people are checking social media channels numerous times a day.


When a customer knows a brand, there is a good chance that the customer will order from the brand without any second thoughts.

Social media postings will ensure that your brand is active and is willing to help people with their problems.

See how Adidas uses Instagram to increase engagement and conversion simultaneously.



5. Higher Satisfaction level

When brands interact with the customer on social media, it allows the customer to share their experiences with the brand.

At times customers will be happy, and other times they might be sad or angry. In each case, when the customer shares their feelings on social media, it presents an opportunity for the brand to leverage that emotion in front of the world.

For instance, if an angry customer talks to you on social media and you listen to them, there is a good chance that the customer will not share their anger with other people.

Once you listen to their problem and solve it or give them some timeline in which the problem will be solved, it gives hope to the customer.

When this happens, it gets easy for brands to satisfy the customer and make them fall in love with your brand.

This feedback from a customer will be viewed by the world, adding value to the Chinoiserie Croquis brand.


6. Keeping an eye on the competition

Regardless of your business, there will always be fierce competition to deal with.

Apart from all the other significant benefits of social media, an important one for your business is that you’ll be able to keep an eye on your competition.

On social media, everything will be right in front of your eyes. Whatever your competition is using can open-up new ideas for you.

You’ll know on which social media platform your competitor is actively seeking customers.

It will be easy to plan your social media strategy if you know which approach your competitor is following.

Moreover, you’ll know on which social media platform your competitor is not active, and you can take leverage on that platform and find your customers there.


7. Targeted Advertising

One of the excellent benefits of social media is to know the interests of your audience.

People share their feelings, their likes, and whatever they hate on social media.

When you stay active on social media, you get a glimpse of the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

This piece of information can help you create better ads for your social media campaigns.

Not just that it’ll help you to send targeted emails to your relevant customers.

You’ll what your customers want and when they will require a service like yours. Just compile all the data from social media and create campaigns, ads that will rightfully serve those customers.

Facebook gives an opportunity to target specific niche of customers with its amazing targeting options.



8. Building Brand Authority

 A sharing from a brand on their official social media account will build trust and authority of your brand.

People are eagerly seeking for authentic brands online. And when people are browsing for other things on social media, it gives you a chance to present your brand authoritatively.

When you share things from your official page, the customers trust it and go for it. The key is to add value to the customers by sharing something that will help them to improve their lives.

If you’re willing to become an authority on social media, this is your time to do so. Share everything that makes your brand superior and different from your competitors. The customers will value this and trust your brand whenever they plan to buy something from you.

Quora made it easy for brands or even individuals to act as a brand authority.


9. Budget-friendly

As discussed earlier, running ads or paying for search engine optimization might cost you some good money.

On the other hand, if you utilize social media to market, share, and communicate with the customer, it will be with no or less cost.

Even running ads on social media are cheaper as compared to Google Ads or running ads on other platforms.

On LinkedIn, you’ll get authentic traffic without even spending a dime. On Instagram, you can reach out to customers just by using relevant hashtags. Facebook groups can help you to build a community and help customers who need your service.

Every social media platform that you use gives you the ability to reach people without spending much on advertising.

 10. Know what people are talking about your brand

People share their honest opinions on social media.

Whatever you do will be shared with millions of people out there. When you talk to customers on social media, there will be other people reading that conversation and judging your brand with that conversation.

This presents a chance for your brand to make or break your reputation. You’ll exactly know what customers are speaking about your brand on social media, and you have the chance to change that perception then and there.

If you find that people are not happy, jump right in, and help them resolve their issues with you. When other people see how you are helping customers, it will leave a good impression on them.

Nike is quite active when it comes to answering queries by customers.


Wrapping it up

Social media is the heart and soul of people. Everyone is using social media for one purpose or another.

For brands, this is a clear chance to create a solid reputation, drive traffic, and convert that traffic into leads.

Not using social media is a wrong choice which no one wants to make, at least in their ordinary senses. Social media for business is the only way to get a grip on your competitors and beat them where everyone else can see it.

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