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How Does Content Marketing Funnel Work For Businesses?

It’s annoying; it’s heartbreaking. You are putting too much effort into your startup, but the results are unsatisfactory. Business is all about sales, and if there is no sale, it isn’t easy to survive. Maybe you’re trying things that are obsolete or not relevant to your target market. You’re just one strategy away from generating massive sales. The solution to all your problems is a content marketing funnel.

Even if you put the best content out there, if you are not working on the content funnel, everything will waste down the drain.

Content is the brain and heart of your business. Your focus should be on creating valuable content If you don’t focus on, soon you won’t have a business to run at all.

This indicates that creating valuable content is the first step towards earning the trust of customers and bringing them close to your business.

Why should you care about creating a Content Marketing Funnel

But first, let’s understand the various advantages of the content funnel.

Brand Recognition

Just knowing your brand name is not enough. The competition is fierce out there, and to stand out, you must work hard to showcase your brand qualities to customers. Understand that creating valuable content will help in grabbing the attention of your customers, and on the same token, it will develop trust among customers.

For instance, if you take an example of Mark Manson – a famous blogger/author. He blogged for six years. One blog a day that made his brand recognized before the book was launched. He wrote blogs, created podcasts, made YouTube videos.

As a result, when he launched his book digitally, everyone was eager to buy it, although it was his first book.

An ease with paid ads

With a content funnel marketing system, you’ll be able to engage your prospect in a way that you will be paying less in advertisements creating a smooth customer buying journey.

Not only will you pay less for ads, but you will be able to create a content creation funnel that will generate repeating customers, unlike paid ads that will stop giving any customers with an exhausted budget.

An Authoritative brand

The more relevant content you create for your audience, the faster you’ll be perceived as an authority. When customers start seeing you as an authority, this is the time when people will start trusting you. So, if you are willing to become an authority, you must begin by building a strong content marketing funnel that will help the audience engage and provide them with some value.

To attain the official status, you must use such a content writing strategy that so you can solve the genuine problems of your customers. Upon doing so, your target audience will do word of mouth for you.

You can take inspiration from the way Boden uses content for shipping confirmation emails to spread delight and build customer loyalty:

Massive traffic

Your content marketing strategy plays an important role in fueling your organic search. If your content is good, it will become part of Google search results without much effort. People will link to your content, you’ll get backlinks, and as a result, there will be massive traffic on your website.

With a marketing funnel, you’ll be able to drive the customer to a point where they’ll buy with ease. When the prospects search keywords that align with your content, they will be directed towards your content, and this will improve the ranking of your website in search engines.

For instance, if you are an eCommerce store, this means that you need to create content that will help your audience know more about your products and why they should buy from you. When you create seo content in such a manner, it will be easy to target some specific keywords to attract the audience.

You can use videos, whitepapers, blog posts, and even podcasts to give out content that can help you rank better in search engines.

With a smart content funnel, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything mentioned above. Because a funnel will ease the buying process of the target customer, and they’ll be able to buy without thinking a lot about it.

The stages of your audience

Let’s visualize the journey potential customers go through when thinking of a purchase with your brand:


Objective: To display the value of your product/ service and build a relationship with your potential customer.

At this stage, you define the persona of the buyer. This will help you to understand the relevance of your business to your target customer.

For you to attract people at this stage, you must learn about the pain, priorities, and drives that force people to buy in the first place.

Once you gain the advantage over your audience, you can easily pitch them content, ads, and offers that are customized for them. In this stage, the audience is looking for more information about your brand. They don’t know what your brand is about, and they are willing to learn more at this stage.

But the truth is that people don’t exactly know what problems they are facing and they need some guidance to solve their issues. This means that they won’t purchase anything if they are not rightly guided. You are required to help your prospect realize that their problem can easily be solved with your service/product.

For example, if your business offers virtual assistant service, you need to make your client realize that their pain point is an unorganized workflow and help them understand that a simple service can solve their issue.

To drive their focus, you must identify their critical business problems and help persuade them to use your service.

To make this a reality, content can help you achieve your goal in a short time.


Objective: To build a deeper relationship with the customer

The next stage is about addressing the problem that your target customer is facing. These types of customers landed on your website because they know what they want, and they are looking for a service that fulfills their needs.

At this stage, they are merely researching which brand is providing the service in the most viable fashion. You’ll create content that will help your prospect realize why your product is the best in the market? With the pain points, you can create valuable content for this type of client.

This is one of the most critical stages in the process because people are there to understand your business. Why are you the best choice for them? Not only that, but you also need to provide them a reason that your business is the right fit for them.

The best form of content to do that is case studies, guides, newsletters, podcasts, whitepapers, videos, and emails.

In the case studies, you have the leverage to describe the whole business from start to finish with proper steps. The prospect will understand what exactly you did for your client and how you will be able to help them fulfill theirs.

The case studies or the video tutorials are proof that you have done an excellent job, and the client can hire you because you have the expertise for that business.

Consider Nerd Fitness’s case study from a client who saw astonishing fitness results by completing the Nerd Fitness Academy. This case study is appropriate during the consideration stage, as it relates to prospects’ interests (fitness) and introduces subscribers to the product while highlighting the value of that product.


Objective: Convincing the customers to make a purchase

This is where the real magic happens. The client decides to do business with you. It is the stage where your ideal prospects will choose your business over your competitors. And so, you need to develop the ultimate trust in the eyes of your customers.

Hence, just the communication will not be enough. It would help if you took the business from communication to action. They’ve researched your business, and they are just one step away from buying from you.

The core purpose of this stage is to eliminate all the options that might prevent the prospect of buying. This means that throughout the website, everything must be laid down.

For example, when the prospect is ready to purchase the product, you can attract them with a video on how to make the purchase, or add a customer support number where they can contact in case they face any problem.

The content type for this stage is the demo, the trials, customer reviews, and case studies with CTA buttons that will force the prospect to go for your service.


Objective: To keep your customers and instill Loyalty

Once you have gotten your customers, your goal is to keep them. Although this stage is a little beyond the funnel, content marketing is part of this process too. At this point, your focus is on retention—turning one-time buyers into loyal customers

This stage involves content in the form of customer support and help documentation, any special offers, how-tos, email outreach and follow-ups, and the like. Make sure you go out of the way to keep your hard-earned customer yours forever.

The Bottom line

For a business to succeed, you must understand the buying stage of your customer. With that in mind, it will be easy for you to create a content marketing funnel where each customer can buy the product exactly when they need the product.

For each business, the stages mentioned above will remain the same. The only work that you need to do is to give your customer a sense of security and relevance, as you have seen that each stage demands specific strategies to attract customers. You can create content for each stage and throw it to customers.

When customers get what they are looking for, there is no reason that these customers will not turn into prospects and share the proper name of your business out there.

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