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6 Content Marketing Memes To Brighten Up Your Day

Hello to the Quarantine-beings!

Before this lockdown series, the double kick of caffeine used to keep me going during the craziest hours. Now, the time has changed and instead of saying:

“One cup of coffee, please,” I say, “One cup of memes, please.” (Wink Wink)

I know you are giving me that grin….but hooman, I want to stay sane amidst the craziest days.

Don’t give me that look. Whether you are Sheldon, who stays serious 24×7 and says, “Oh, I know it all.” Or you are Amy who pushes her neurons to the limit that they feel like to explode, you need a cup of memes to brighten up your not so okayish day.

I am here to offer you a good kick of memes that might lit that creative spark in you. So, without more blah blah blah…let’s talk some content marketing memes.

Horns up, fella!

Marketing content without a strategy? Whoops!

Marketing content

How is it going, mate? Well, creating content and marketing it without a strategy is next to the noise of chipmunks before the actual failure.

Content paired with no defined marketing tactics is your surest pathway to defeat. With humor, this has some in-depth details and the truth attached to it.

This meme reminds of just one song from “Hayden James.”

“We got nowhere to go….”

If you can relate to this meme and hiding your face right now….then it’s the time to correct your oldie-odd practices.

Imma cry…My viral content didn’t get viral

Imma cry

If you are a content marketer, I can feel your pain. This memes truly speaks for your situation when you keep checking your viral-to-be campaign.

The pixie dust of precooked influence you want to sell isn’t a one-day thing.

You can’t expect your campaign to show you results after taking every 15 minutes nap.

I want to share the real truth here. Even I am an impatient-being. After creating viral content, when it doesn’t go viral, my heart cries for the time I have put into it.

But, Oh, Whale! Things happen, so take it lightly.

Getting viral content unicorn isn’t that easy. But remember, real players never quit. So, look into the mirror and say horns up!

When your client says, “I have no faith in content marketing.”

content marketing

Mate, I am sure you must have come across people who say, “I have no faith in content marketing.”

Like seriously? What are stats for?

Having no faith in content marketing is next to denying that Rodger Federer has won 31 Grand Slam finals.

If you don’t have any faith in content marketing, where is your faith then? In winning a lottery?

Reaching a set of targeted audience sounds like a realistic yet stress-relieving goal. This is where content marketing comes into play.

After offering the relevant stats, I really want to ask,

“Y you no believe in content marketing?”

Am I really supposed to find you through a telescope?


This is precisely my heart says when somebody mentions their business, and I am unable to find them.

Are you serious? Do you really expect people to find you through a telescope?

Making a website, making your social media accounts don’t mean that you have bought the visibility unicorn.

Without content marketing, your business will hit the plateau-like your weight does.

If you don’t create brand awareness, my friend, every spring, will turn into autumn when it comes to sales. (Surely, you don’t want it.)

Way too Smart CTA makers

CTA makers

So what are you trying to tell me, man?

You think my CTA won’t work? Of course, it will! After all, I wrote, “click here.”

Marketers are in the never-ending race of making CTA’s that actually work. However, there are some who think that just because they wrote “click here,” their job is done.

Oh, you innocent soul, I feel for you. (Rolling eyes)

I personally feel CTA should serve the purpose of telling readers where they are being headed to. Talk about click-bait, it doesn’t work in this era. If you do it, you’ll end up losing your customers. Do you really want that?

When someone says, “I don’t need a blog.”

a blog

Oh yeah! That evil grin is relatable.

No blog section is next to blocked visibility. Apparently, many businesses fail to understand the real deal. It seems crazy to say No to a blog. How can you become a barricade for yourself? This is nuts.

If I get a buck for the times I have heard it, I’d be a billionaire. One more blog post is equal to one more indexed page. That being said, your chances to rank your content as it comes to the surface exceeds to a great level.

Next time if you hear the same thing from someone, don’t have the debate. Just show this meme, perhaps, it works. (wink wink)

It’s a wrap

I hope these memes have offered you a good dose of happiness.

Undoubtedly, a cup of memes is better than a cup of caffeine. Memes are our savior in the battle of never-ending slack conversations and the list of head-spinning Asana’s tasks.

Next time, when you feel like to break the ice or want to divert the convo to a lighter note, take a meme from here and shoot it.

Amid those serious talks and stress full days, memes undoubtedly offer us a survival kit.

If you want to add more to these memes, I never say No to the dose of happiness.

Bring it on!

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