How to Create Incredible Niche Content for Difficult Industries

40,000 searches are completed every second on Google alone! Are you in one of them?

Developing a robust online presence is vital for success. But the type of content you put out there defines who you are. Yes, creating captivating content can be difficult, especially when it comes to niche content.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every brand has its fair share of headaches. If any of the following strikes a nerve, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • My brand is too niche-centric.
  • My industry is notoriously difficult to create content.
  • The market is already oversaturated with content.
  • My competitors have a bigger marketing budget.
  • My competitors are more well-established.

Is your niche so narrow that you are struggling with niche content creation?

Albert Einstein said, In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.Instead of fretting about how difficult everything is, start finding solutions to your problems.

Focus on creating content for your niche that is engaging, fun, interesting, and unique. If anything, it can help you claim a corner of the market that others haven’t.

Sounds easy, right? All you need to do is dedicate your efforts to finding impressive ideas and content writing styles.

Marketing with targeted content

Regardless of the industry, your brand is providing services and products for, you know you have to create something that specializes in the consumer experience. And with today’s trends, it’s all about personalization.

Marketers must, therefore, capitalize on targeting their audience effectively. They understand that exceptional content can carry a brand to greater heights. If you’re using WordPress it’s a good idea to use a plugin like RoundupWiz to create how-to articles and reach out to influencers and experts to share their knowledge and contribute to your unique quality content.

The tough question is:

How do you continue to produce content for your challenging niche that your audience will always enjoy?

Here are some tactics that can make your niche-centric brand stand out.

Segment the audience

You already know that the most crucial aspect of digital marketing success is gathering information about your audience and building a buyer persona. And since niche content is created to resonate with a specific audience, it can be used as a powerful tool to generate better results, especially for difficult industries.

Your job is to establish a deeper connection with your audience so that you can develop a long-term relationship with them. For that, you need a better understanding of what triggers your audience and entices them to act.

And though this requires considerable data collection and research, segmenting the buyer persona and devising content to target all of them can help to reel in more customers. Choose to be focused and tailor your tone and style to help you speak directly to these customers. states that segmented campaigns can generate 760% more revenue. Coincidently, this is also a great technique to give your SEO campaign a significant boost. It looks like a win-win situation! To facilitate this process, consider the following:

  • Which content formats does the target audience prefer? E.g. blogs, infographics, videos, webinars, etc.
  • How do they interact with the content?
  • Which content converts better?

Your in-house team of writers should provide in-depth, valuable information that is easy to read. Don’t have the talent for spellbinding, engaging content creation? No problem. Consider outsourcing the task to white label content writing services.

Generate topics strategically

Content about your niche needs to connect and engage with a growing target audience. That way, you can generate more traffic, boost lead generation and sales, and enhance brand awareness. This is your opportunity to establish your brand as an expert or influencer in the industry. That’s why Moz releases a survey every year so that it can continue to create content that customers find unique and insightful.

You need a steady flow of ideas that consistently provide valuable content. Consider the following:

  • Communicating with customer service about common concerns and issues that customers are encountering is a great way to connect with your customers.
  • Studying the market competitors to identify which aspects aren’t performing well.
  • Research relevant topics and keyword phrases to your niche.
  • Coordinate topics to coincide with current campaigns or product launches.
  • Highlight misconceptions that customers have about your brand and clear the air.

Become more ‘sociable’

An active presence on social media has a multitude of benefits. And because boring niches need entertainment, this is your chance to spice things up with storytelling.

More importantly, reach out and engage with your customers. Utilize comments from the conversations as a source of content inspiration. And while you’re at it, scan various social channels of your competitors as well. And no, that’s not cheating!

Get your audience involved. Assess feedback from specific comments to judge whether there is ample interest in the topic. After all, you can’t afford to invest resources around a subject that isn’t aligning with your customers.

Consider the example of Fiskars. It a manufacturer of scissors, gardening tools, and kitchenware, and has gotten the attention of the community by encouraging them to submit their arts and crafts projects. Isn’t it a well-thought idea for a niche like this to grab the attention of many?

Implement the skyscraper technique

Begin by researching popular keywords, topics, and trends. Look into posts that are ranking in the top slots. Then use them as templates to improve your content. Adopt a style that is more authoritative, more comprehensive, and more media-rich.

This way, you can create content that is unique and communicates a similar message to your customers. Not only can you leverage your brand, but you can get ideas to create content for your niche that is more engaging and highly applicable to your audience. And when your post ranks better, the chances of earning a link significantly increases. Yay!

Jazz things up

According to, 4 million new blogs are published every day. So obviously this type of content is saturating the market. And infographics are overloaded with information.

To overcome audience fatigue from these two formats, freshen up your style. Offer something more engaging and practical to your audience’s busy lifestyles. Bring in webinars, podcasts, quizzes, slideshares, live streams, influencers, etc.

Create a mix of content campaigns. As customers interact with your content, compile and repackage your audience’s responses into new content, whether it’s answers to surveys, comments from live streams, customer queries from webinars, results from quizzes, etc.

It’s an effective way to boost the sales funnel too. Remember, you will need different types of content for different segments of the sales funnel.

Branch out

You’ve visited forums and communities where like-minded people are buzzing. And you went the extra mile by engaging with prospects and industry experts at trade shows and conferences.

It’s time to push the boundaries of your dull niche. Speak to people outside your industry. How about bringing in topics that are tangent to your niche? Brands are doing it all the time to liven up their approach. Not only do they have the opportunity to create engaging content for their niche audience, but now they can also attract others that previously had no interest in your brand.

One of the best examples here is how Blendtec, a manufacturer of kitchen blenders, launched its YouTube series “Will It Blend”. Entertaining videos were made showing what happens when you blend ordinary household objects.

But more than this, you need to reassess your approach to marketing as a whole. Aim at modernizing your content marketing stack by automating your marketing platforms, from email and social media. Introduce more marketing-savvy tools, such as analytics and CRM.

Closing thoughts

On a closing note, you need to realize that creating killer content isn’t enough. Because if your brand name isn’t out there and easily found by consumers, there’s no point in investing time and resources in creating awesome content. While mesmerizing content can make you stand out from your competitors, the way you deliver it should be just as riveting.

You need to align content creation with aggressive promotion and distribution strategies. Learn to dazzle your customers with the shiniest pieces of content wherever they are how they want to consume it. Most customers can be found through social media and emails. So this is where you need to work first.

I’ll leave you with some words of inspiration from Victor Kiam:

“Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.”

Go get ‘em!

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