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5 Ways Digital Customer Experience Can Fuel Conversions

Remember all those times when you walked into a store and were treated exceptionally? I too, can easily recall all those when the customer service representative was giving me that extra attention. The digital customer experience works similarly. Customers, when treated well, will always remember being the center of attention while opting for your products and services. And the same goes for ignored clients, they won’t forget it, and that’s bad for your business.

Good customer experience α business growth (read as good customer experience is directly proportional to business growth)

Here business growth is definitely the increase in clientele, conversions, brand reputation, etc.

In light of this, I would like to share a few statistics with you

  • According to NewVoiceMedia, companies in the U.S. lose $62 billion every year due to meager customer service. 
  • Red Signal states that 70% of customers abandon their purchases due to bad user experience. 
  • As per a study by Forbes, 67% of customers state unpleasant experiences as a major reason for churn.
  • Esteban Kolsky of Gartner claims that 91% of non-complainers just disappear, and 13% of them share among people about their unlikeable experience.
  • As stated by User Brain, 79% of people will go search for another site if they don’t like what they find on 1 site.

I am a firm believer in the fact that your customer holds the position of the king in your business. So, given these statistics, your business should be watchful not to hurt the customers in any way. The Bonus points go to an experience that not only brings in recurring business but also turn customers into brand advocates that spread the word.

Exploring the connection between digital customer experience and Conversions

One of the most significant KPIs of your business success is conversion rate – the percentage of visitors who perform an anticipated act – i.e., buy a product, subscribe to email offers, complete an online survey, etc. And a person may have seven to thirteen communications with a brand before converting. So it’s all about the digital customer experience.

Going by this belief, the most effective way to increase your conversion rates is to understand your customers’ needs and behaviors ahead of time. Then design and deliver a digital experience they find significant. Offering your customers what they value will no doubt add to your revenue, loyalty, and overall profitability. 


To excel in the digital customer service, you need to look into the following ways and enhance your conversion right away:

Keep your eyes on Visual search

Imagine you loved the dress worn by your favorite actress in a sitcom. So much so that you immediately decide to purchase something similar. But obviously locating a similar match would lead to spending hours scouring the internet.

This is where visual search comes into play. It has a host of applications in the eCommerce industry, especially in fashion and home decor arenas. Visual search allows brands to suggest stylistically related items to shoppers.


Similar to offline setups, this mode brings a sense of visual discovery to the online world. Modern visual search technology uses AI to comprehend the content and context of what these customers want and then return a list of related results.

The results of visual searches are in the form of shoppable pins that enable the buyers to purchase items in a click. This leads to an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience, resulting in increased engagement and higher brand loyalty.

The advantages that visual search offer include:

  • It allows customers to find exactly what they what they want much faster than text-based searches, hence shortening the path from search to conversions
  • It can be a great cross-selling tool for similar as well as complementary purchases
  • It transforms the retail experience leading to a happier customer

Look at the Neiman Marcus approach to visual search, allowing customers to snap a photo in-store. They can then view similar products in their online catalog.


Strive for an Omnichannel experience


Even if you offer outstanding customer experience on your site, it’s not enough for customers who switch between multiple devices in a day. For instance, you visit a website on your laptop and add items to your cart. But then you don’t complete the purchase due to some reason. Now you are out, and you plan to complete the order through your mobile. But if this is not an option, it’s highly probable that you may abandon the order completely. 

Likewise, customers also look for a seamless, integrated shopping experience, irrespective of the device or medium. When people get a steady, multi-faceted digital customer experience, they tend to stick around. A study by Aberdeen Group, Inc. states that strong omnichannel strategies raised customer retention by 89 percent. This was in contrast to a 33 percent retention among companies that had weaker omnichannel engagements.

The advantages tagged with omnichannel experience include:

  • Allows retailers to achieve more availability, leading to an increase in sales and traffic
  • Enables you to treat your customer wherever they are
  • Provides a unified system to gather customer insights
  • Helps you to engage with customers in real-time
  • Gives you the opportunity to improve customer service

The best case study is that of the Homeware store Crate and Barrel. The company realizes that shoppers switch from the web site to smartphones and other devices during the purchasing process. So, when customers are signed in, their app saves their ecommerce shopping cart. This enables them to access their information across multiple devices and browsers.


Use the power of personalization

Personalization is important. Period. You need to realize that everyone’s different. And personalization allows you to identify those differences and then tailor your marketing accordingly for better results.

Personalization allows for a unique experience to the visitors rather than a one size fits all practice.  Let’s put it up this way. The goal is to make your digital customer experience like the warm feeling you get when you walk into a local restaurant, and the waiter tells the chef to start preparing your favorite snack before you even have to order.

Isn’t the feeling awesome? I would love to experience something similar too.

And the highlights of the benefits that personalization offers are:

  • Customers enjoy feeling valued and singled out by companies, just like they get individualized attention and service in a store
  • It increases customer retention through more tailored experiences with the brand
  • Loyalty programs and other personalized offers are more likely to be responded to
  • It helps you stand out from the crowd by creating a unique content that leaves a distinct memory for your customers
  • Gives a human side to your business

This reminds me of my habit to date, every time I visit my Amazon homepage. I am bound to scroll down and get thrilled by the recommendations it has for me.

Focus on User-friendly website design elements.

Like all other components, your web design is of top-most priority as well. Let me very clear to you that this isn’t just a “pretty face.” Web design can actually make or break your conversion rates. According to research, 46 % of people say a website’s design is the top condition for deciding a brand’s credibility. So a professional design is what can come to your rescue.

The aesthetics of a website also play a major part in conversion rate optimization. As, if your website is unattractive, 38% of people will actually leave your site. Now that’s a huge percentage of lost leads!

So any shortcomings in this regard cannot be overlooked. Learn web design principles or outsource your design to a freelancer or a designer. Go overboard and do whatever it takes but get it right! Let me share a scary statistic with you:

A good website design is the best way to:

  • Build customers’ confidence in your brand.
  • Help you score high in Google’s searches
  • Give a good global impression of your brand
  •  Create consistency across your pages leading to a professional look and feel

Look at how Zillow hits the nail on the head with a website specifically designed for its users.  It enables the users to conveniently research exactly what they are looking for, save and store what they like, and offer ease in finding it later on.

Provide outstanding customer support

It’s actually all about customers, right?

It’s a proven fact that companies make more money by retaining customers than by obtaining new ones. So get to know your customers through social media, phone calls, surveys, emails, etc. This will help you identify your most valuable customers. Once you do that, pay extra attention to them to build long-lasting relationships — and so you’re all ready to generate more conversions.

Understand that as good customer service can dramatically increase your revenue, so a poor customer service can be unfavorable to your business. Even after a sale is made, you need to portray that customer care has always been a priority for your business.


So apart from many other benefits, a good after-sales service aids in:

  • Rising the sales, it helps convince consumers to trust the firm and buy the service in the first place
  • Helps improve brand image and brand loyalty on a long-term basis
  • Gives a margin in differentiating you from your competitors
  • Gives an opportunity to sell related products

Let’s get inspiration from Nike who never loses patience, despite being flooded by support requests all day long. For this purpose, the brand has a heavy-duty customer service account on Twitter.

It’s Time to revive and enhance your customer experience immediately

It is always about the customer. The sooner you realize, the better. A few efforts in the right direction, and you are ready to embark on a journey that is sure to bring in the conversions you have always longed for.

The modern technology is giving your business new rooms to explore, and so you can provide unmatched experiences to your most essential Assets- the clients. Remember that in the digital landscape, your competitors are just a single click away. And you would never want to lose your leads to them.

Claire Muscutt inspires me by saying that good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. So tick the checkboxes of the ways highlighted above and provide them the best digital customer experience that they remember for a lifetime.

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