Link Building: Finding Lower Hanging Fruit Using

Search Engine Algorithms are complex and constantly changing, but one thing always remains important throughout the years is “Links.”

Google and even other search engines use links to understand the relativity of the page against a keyword and how important and powerful the page is to the related audience.

After Google Penguin, link building changed drastically, mostly for good. Today, link building is mostly a skill set, and many agencies try and outsource their link building work to agencies who are really good at it.

We have established the fact that link building is important, and there are tons of SEO gems that will agree to that, but today I am going to discuss a quick idea that will help you acquire some quick links pointing back to the site. Or rather the links that you have but you don’t know can work for you.


This idea might not work on a new website, so if you have a website where there is almost low to no link building has been done in the past, this idea might not work for you.

If you are working on a website for a long time, chances are you have done a lot of link building and link acquisition campaigns and got some results for that accordingly.

Many times people change website theme, change pages, strategies, and more that has an architectural effect on the website. Some pages go away forever where others got redirected, and then those redirections got broken sometime.

Let me give you a quick example of my own website, we changed the strategy over time, and today (thanks to we found out that there are around 90+ links that are pointing to the pages that no longer exist.

sample broken link building

93 links to be specific, some of them were coming from very good websites like (no-follow links) and a few others. These are the external links pointing back to the URLs of the website that does not exist anymore.

The idea is simple:

  • Just make the list of URLs where these links are pointing back to and set redirections accordingly.
  • The moment these links start pointing to the pages that have 200 status, they will start passing link juice to pages that matter to you, and hopefully the rankings for those pages will increase accordingly.

In my case, 90+ quality links will help me to rank for plenty of important keywords that matter for my business.

Will that work for others?

In order to answer this question, I look into some of the random websites, and here is what will amaze you!

sophie and trey broken link building

(Sophie & Trey, an online store out of Florida have 2000+ external links going to the URLs on the website that does not exist anymore)

They fix them nicely and boom, their rankings will take a flight. One of the links from Buzzfeed is pointing to a page that does not exist anymore, that’s what I called a true lower hanging fruit.

I looked into a general SaaS website and found around 8 opportunities there too:

rank tracker broken link building

What should you do?

If you are an agency, open up your account, pull your clients and your website data and go for “Broken Links” under the backlinks tab. Viola! You will find the lower hanging fruit there.

This is the best Link Building Lower Hanging Fruit thus far. Try it out, and you can thank me later!

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