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Google My Business – 3 Problems And How To Resolve Them

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are all set to give this world a paradigm shift.

We are living in an era of Corona-enabled searches. Oh! My bad… just another typo or perhaps a hint for you. To me, “voice-enabled” searches are the way forward.

From finding sanitizers (that actually local stores are running short of) due to the pandemic to a car dealer near me, we are all searching via phone and using keywords like “[] near me” or “[] near me now” or other related terms.

So, people are searching via mobile, and people are searching for hyper-local. So, let’s say you are a local plumbing company based in Denton, TX, you cannot expect your business to appear in local map listings for a person who is looking for emergency plumbers in Plano.

While working for a good number of businesses, some were single location, family-owned businesses, while others had multiple locations, and a few literally had a physical location in almost every big city.

I found that everyone had different problems but in the same orbit. Therefore, I penned down the list of common issues faced by my clients. Moreover, I saw people in different forums asking the same questions. Without any further ado, let’s address the elephant in the room!

Common Issues you might be facing with your Google My Business account:

Non-verified Business listing

If you are a business that believes, verifying the business might not be an issue for you, reason being, when you type in your business name, it still appears in Google search…. You are in for a shocking awakening. You are absolutely wrong here!

It’s essential to get your business verified so that you can control your listing and can change things like payment options, opening hours, special day announcements, special offers a more instead of leaving them in the wind.

How can I do that? Very simple.

  • Log into your Google My Business
  • Select your business
  • Click verify

Note: Make sure all your business details like Business name, phone number, and address are correct as it’s essential to have a consistent NAP between GMB and other business citation websites.

Once done, click send a postcard, and Google will send you the postcard at your given address. The postcard will have a unique 5-digit verification code. You have to log in again and click verify and add that number there to get your business registered.

Negative Reviews

I have businesses constantly reach out to me that are in the dungeon of this problem. They are a legit business trying to stay in this hyper-competitive market, and someone unethically writes a negative review on their Google My Business page.

This usually causes a drop in calls that comes from Google local, and that can directly affect the bottom line.

Solution: So, to begin with, do not panic!

Image result for meme dont panic

The next step is to evaluate the reviews and see if they are real or someone is spamming your business profile for a reason.

If they are genuine reviews, the best idea is to respond to them and see what reviewer’s issues are and if you can resolve them quickly and see if they can remove the review. If not, try to resolve the issue in public and get them in writing that they are happy or at least satisfied. This will give potential customers that you care about customers and listen to them instead of just leaving the review as it is.

If the reviews are not legitimate and someone is spamming your Google My Business page, here is what you can do, Report to Google!

I know that sounds stupid, but when you report to Google, their manual team actually looks into the stuff like if the reviewer has written dummy content, no content with an only one-star rating, the reviewer has no history of reviewing and a couple of more stuff.

If you are getting these kinds of reviews, I would highly suggest reviewing these as they can easily get removed by Google if you discuss the issues in detail. But if they are from the account that has a history of reviewing things in that particular case, getting it removed is very difficult so the best I can suggest you is to go public and ask them about their order number, purchase history, go deeper into the conversation and try to expose them in public so that others can read and take their decisions accordingly.

Fake Listing

This is relatively rear, but that recently happened with one of our clients. The bad part is that that actually affects their business within their city and other related suburbs as their calls dropped immediately, and they were from 8-10 calls a day to 2-3 calls a day, and I have witnessed some days with no calls.

Here is how it works! So, someone will make a new business listing identical to yours with the same name, but the address will be different but closer to your original area. As it’s a different address, it’s relatively easy for anyone to get that verified. Once the listing is verified, they will leave a 1-star review with some things about business that are not at all true.

I am not sure what the actual practice is, but that is what we have done for our client, and with the help of a client, we ended up getting those other listings removed.

  • We asked the client to write a complaint as a CEO and tell them that you just have one location and all the other locations except the one that is your original business address should be removed as you don’t own any of those entities
  • Show them your business documents or proof that you are a legit business, and you are the business owner directly concern about this instead of your marketing team do that. (Theoretically, if your marketing team does that, they should react the same way, but I had the minimal time, and I didn’t want to take any risks).
  • Request them as the business owner/CEO to remove those listing as they are giving a negative impact of your business to your potential customers who are finding them on Google.

As a business owner, there are more chances that the negative listing will get deleted, but theoretically, if you provide the proof of business, anyone sent the email should work.

There may be more, but I found the 3 problems mentioned above to be harrowing from the brand’s standpoint, and I shared the ways I resolved for some of my older clients. If you are looking for help with regards to local SEO or GMB, please drop us a line, and our team will be able to help you in any way can.

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