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Google’s New Featured Snippet Update Will Now Highlight Text On Webpages

Last week, Google made an update to its search engine. It was a featured snippet update. As a result of this update, users will be automatically scrolled down to the specific fragment within the text that is related to their search query.

The specific part that answers the query of the user will be highlighted with yellow color, and it will look like this:

This update will not impact all the search results, and only those results will be highlighted where Google is certain that the given text aptly answers the query of the user. Google SearchLiason announced the new update in a tweet:

The SearchLiason also mentioned that this new update doesn’t need any additional mark up and it happens automatically due to Scroll To Text for HTML pages.

Google has done this regularly for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) results since 2018, where clicking on a featured results takes a user straight to the relevant text.

According to Danny Sullivan, Google’s SearchLiason, this feature for HTML pages was tested last year and is now being implemented on various search results.

If Google is not certain as to what part of the text is relevant to the answer, the webpage will open as it used to, and the page wouldn’t be scrolled down to a specific part from where the featured snippet has been taken.

From what we know, nothing specific needs to be done from the developers’ end to activate this feature on your webpage. According to Google Search Console Help:

“This happens automatically. There’s no markup needed by webmasters to enable a featured snippet. If a browser doesn’t support the underlying technology needed, or if our systems can’t confidently determine exactly where within a page to direct a click, clicking a featured snippet will take a user to the top of the source web page.”

Moreover, you cannot make your page to appear as a featured snippet. Google determines whether a page makes a good featured snippet for the reader or not.

The intention behind this update could be to make the search easier for the users and lead them quickly to the desired answers. Another reason could be to reduce the click-through rate and reduce the amount of scrolling a searcher has to do on a webpage.

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