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4 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring An SEO Company

Since its inception digital marketing has taken the world by storm. People began to fathom online digital marketing almost as soon as the internet became available to the general population. Over the past few decades, online digital marketing has rapidly overtaken conventional methods to establish itself as the prime marketing option. One of the most frequented ways of this type of marketing is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Why SEO Is Important

SEO is a method used to bring web results higher up on an online search result. Many companies offer SEO services, and it can be a daunting task to sieve through to pick the best option.

Exploring the secrets of hiring the right SEO Company for your small business

To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of some of the things you should look into when finalizing your decision:

Consult Reviews

In this age of the internet, customers have the facility of consulting online reviews for any product they would like to buy or any service they wish to employ before making their final decision. For those who have no other knowledge, online reviews are a great place to shortlist the SEO companies to employ.

 why are online reviews important


So, during your hunt for hiring an SEO company, look for those with generally good ratings but also take time to read through at least a few of the reviews, particularly the negative ones.

While online reviews are useful, they should not be blindly trusted, and other means should also be employed. One could contact peers and ask which SEO companies they have used in the past and how satisfied they were with them.

SEO’s Practices:

Keep on asking yourself this; do you wish to build a sustainable business or make a potential quick buck and nothing more? For most, the answer is going to be the former. Many SEO companies offer miraculously quick results and instant ‘improvements’ that can get heads to turn- all this often at a fraction of the cost of others. Unfortunately, these agencies use something called black hat SEO practices- illegitimate means to produce quick results.

 One could ask, “Well, what’s the harm?” There a huge one. While black hat methods work initially, search engines are quick in picking out websites that use these methods and swiftly banning them from their platform. So, you’ll see excellent results at first before your business is brought to its knees. Is it worth that risk?

Black Hat Seo

A legitimate SEO company like Growth Proton has no problems in discussing its strategies with you. So opt for an SEO agency that has a systematic approach towards every service they provide.

It is a misconception that SEO is limited to adding keywords to your website. While keywords are useful, there are several other strategies which include improving user experience on your website from the ground up. Simplifying the site by making it less cluttered or making it more mobile-friendly are relevant examples. They will tell you how they hope to improve in two key areas- on-page and off-page. If any black hat buzzwords are ever mentioned, do not hire that agency!

Experience in Required Niche:

While it is true that there are many dishonest SEO agencies, do not be misguided into believing that all the legitimate ones are suitable for your needs. A significant thing to consider is how much experience the company has in handling businesses similar to yours. In short, a pizza joint owner would instead hire an agency that has more experience with restaurants than one which has none in this field even if both are highly ranked.

This experience means several things. For one, these SEO companies will have a much better idea of who their target audience is, making SEO efforts much more streamlined and effective. Secondly, since they know which digital marketing strategies have or haven’t worked before, you do not have to go through a time-consuming phase of trial and error, meaning quicker results. Website user experience can be altered to suit the needs of the expected demographic in a much better way.

Search Engine Optimization: The Good and The Bad

Lastly, since these SEO agencies have been in the field long enough, they know the competition like the back of their hand- their strengths and weaknesses. What works and what doesn’t. In this way, these companies are never going to be far behind the times and always keep your business running much better than if they didn’t belong in that niche.


The fee an SEO company charges is the final thing to consider when making your decision. The end goal for any sustainable business is to earn profits. If one hires an SEO agency and pays them out of this revenue, the desired result is to have even more earnings than before.

Thus, the reply to the question of how much you should pay an SEO company isn’t a dollar figure- it is what the return on investment is. If you pay an SEO 10 dollars off a 100-dollar profit, but the benefits only increase to 105 dollars, you’ve made a net loss. Would it thus not be better to pay an SEO 20 dollars and see a 150-dollar profit instead?

This simple example simulates real-life situations quite well and shows why one mustn’t just pick a cheaper SEO agency even if it does technically increase earnings. The more expensive SEOs are often that, because they use multiple methods and follow much more thorough practices than their cheaper counterparts. Thus, it should come as no surprise that at times their services cost more.

The ROI of SEO. (With images) | Seo, Seo business, Seo help

Other factors that influence the prices are the size of your business, the deadlines on when you expect to see results, and the company’s reputation and experience. On average most companies choose to pay equal money to 2-3 employees’ salaries for SEO and similar marketing methods.

Parting Thoughts

Nobody can deny the effectiveness of digital marketing and its superiority to conventional methods. The business of today should feel blessed that they have so many ways to get the word about themselves out to much larger audiences, and at a fraction of what it would have cost them were operating in the past. SEO is one such valuable tool, but it is crucial to pick the right agency as your decision could very well shape your businesses’ destiny.

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