Save Your Email Marketing Campaign

SOS – Email Explosion Alert! How To Save Your Email Marketing Campaign?

You’ve invested your valuable time, money, and effort into your email marketing campaign. You’ve vigorously studied how to do email marketing. From email automation to segmentation, personalization, and some more email marketing techniques, which you thought might help you out.

However, there is still a mystery ingredient missing which you can feel but cannot put a finger on. Something that can make your life a lot easier. Something that will seduce your visitors and transform them into raving fans.


Useful tips on how to do email marketing

What’s your end-goal?

Just like everything else in life, email marketing is effective only when done with a clear purpose. Before you start designing the email campaign, figure out what is the end-goal that you are willing to achieve?

A successful email marketing campaign is all about realizing the goal and making progress towards it with every email marketing campaign.

Here are some of the goals that you can steal and make them your own:

  • A welcome email to new subscribers informing them about your business and its services.
  • Engaging more customers with your content.
  • Strengthening the current customer’s bond with valuable content.
  • Re-engaging old customers.
  • Segmenting subscribers to send them targeted emails.
  • Conversion goals according to your business.

Before you design your next email marketing campaign, keep one of these goals in mind.

Make Good Use of technology

Gone are the times when you had to create everything yourself. Now, with email marketing tools, it’s easy to create enticing emails within few minutes.

When you are going for an email automation tool, ensure that it has the following features:

  • Easy campaign creation with automation and templates.
  • Integrations with WordPress and other software that you use.
  • Various methods to segment the audience.
  • In-depth email analytics and campaign performance.
  • Email scheduling, automated response to customers, and the ability to create promotional emails.

Craft Strong Subject line

Research by Marketo revealed that the sweet spot of the email subject line range between 4 – 7 words.


Just like the title of your blog post, the email subject line holds the most power. It can entice users or drive them away. It can get the maximum attention of your user.

Unless you are a big brand, there is no need to be witty or act clever in your email subject line.

Of course, adding names of people in the subject line can give more engagement.

Avoid spam trigger words in your email.

You can always borrow high-converting email subject lines and customize it for your brand.

Write a Damn Good Copy

Next in-line is the email copy. For people to engage and read your email, you need to begin with the right hook in your email.

Say, look at the weekly marketing email hook of Copyblogger:


It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s value-driven.

Go to your inbox and check emails that are doing the right hook. Can you copy the style for your brand?

Once you are done with the hook, it’s time to get in the matter of the email.

Since you know the purpose of your email, it will be easy to create the content for the email.

For best results, it is advised that you keep the copy short, and don’t just pitch your offer early in the process.

While crafting an email, consider these things too:

  • You can add a personal story in the email. This will help people engage emotionally with you.
  • Offer something valuable to the readers. Whether it is a piece of content, a video, or a resource that you are promoting, ensure that it adds value to the subscriber.
  • Once you are done with the copy, next comes the most important part: Call to action (CTA). Your CTA will tell people what you want people to do.
  • It is a good practice to use CTA 2-3 times in the email. Once in the start (sometimes), once in the middle, and last at the end.
  •  Short CTAs are the best. If you have a persuasive email copy, there is not a chance that people will not click your CTA.

If you want some inspiration, check out emails from ReallyGoodEmails that gives you a chance to look at the most successful email copies.

Test Everything

Sending an email is just the first step toward email marketing success. You are here to learn how to do email marketing, and for that, you must analyze the results of your email.

This means that you must test everything: design, font, layout, email marketing copy, and even the CTA button. If you test emails with various segments and test the best time to send an email, that would give great results.


Here is what you can do to create good emails:

  • Monitor email analytics from various segments of the audience.
  • Note down why subscribers are unsubscribing and which of the emails are receiving the best open rates?
  • Check out the Sender Score to see any red flags that are preventing you from reaching the target audience.
  • Seek and kill all the dead email addresses. Use email verification tools to find and eliminate dead email addresses.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is like having a relationship with your girlfriend. Here, the customer is your girlfriend. If you want a happy life, you must keep your girlfriend happy. Understand what is making your girlfriend angry, what is making her happy, and how to re-engage her once she shows no interest in you.

From the time the internet was born and maybe even before that, email marketing is one of the most effective modes of reaching your target customer. And the trend seems likely to continue in 2020.

The good thing is that there are email marketing tools that can help you with how to do email marketing without making much effort for it. But the things mentioned above are the foundation of creating the most persuasive emails. You can either follow them or leave them for your competitors.

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