How To Promote Your Business

How To Promote Your Business – Learn From Digital Marketing Experts

If you are running an online business, there’s a 100% percent chance that you are doing everything to promote it. But, is it yielding desired results? Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no. When it comes to answering the question ‘how to promote your business,’ there is no single way to do it. Digital marketing experts say that it is because marketing, as we know, has evolved massively, and many strategies that worked in the past are no longer effective.

Experts state that digital tools have evolved and will continue to do so, and it’s not a mere hunch. How technology has unfolded over the past few years is quite impressive. There is barely a sector of human life that remains untouched by tech.

What used to be manual, time-consuming labor in the past, now gets accomplished within seconds. The same goes for the field of marketing too. Also known as digital marketing, it’s a dimension that has made a strong position in the modern world.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes all types of modern marketing tools. It operates through web portals, software, and social media.

Unlike traditional means, this targets customers over the internet. Meanwhile, the bottom line stays the same – to promote your business, product, or service among potential buyers.

Lately, the main driver of a digital marketing campaign is the various social media platforms. This is because currently, 3.3 billion people are using social media in one capacity or another.

Also, as the market gets crowded, the number of businesses jumping onto this road keeps increasing. If you are any of these aspiring entrepreneurs, you must craft a complex digital strategy. Even if you are someone who’s already in business, you must upgrade your digital game. It’s only possible through in-depth market analysis, evaluation of the business itself, and studying customer perceptions.

Digital marketing basics to promote your business

Now the questions are: what are the basics of this field, and how can you use digital marketing to promote your business online?

Both aspects link with each other. Therefore, it’s essential to have a solid strategy in place. Let’s have a look at a few digital marketing basics you need to promote your business:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps a company or a business to appear in search engine results. It covers factors like website design and the use of keywords, etc. Apart from that, there are also elements like the site’s responsiveness and security that fall under this spectrum.

SEO rules provide that the webpage of your business site must load instantly. If it lags, there is a high chance of users switching to a different portal. Research says that 53% of the users will press the back button if a page does not load within three seconds.

But what can tell you about the kind of content that will engage people and improve your ranking? Jeremy Knauff, the founder of Spartan Media, has outlined some parameters to analyze your content. He says:

“Are people coming to our site and immediately leaving, or are they visiting a few pages, submitting a form, or even buying something before leaving? Is our ranking steadily improving? Are people sharing and linking to our content? These are all signs that we’re creating the kind of content that matters to our audience and are leading indicators that we should expect to see a ranking improvement and increase in traffic.”

Jeremy Knauff
Spartan Media

Mobile Optimization

Considering the rapid adaptability of smart devices, it’s a must that your website should function on all screens. Optimize your business page to make sure that users have a consistent experience on desktop as well as the smart device. Besides adjustment, the layout of the page must be easy to navigate. Every page must have tags and labels to guide the visitors.

Google evaluates mobile and desktop web activity. Then it ranks them accordingly.  It’s not that simple to obtain a top position on Google search grid. Your marketing team would have to put in a lot of struggle to achieve this.

Optimizing your website for mobile entails making several changes to design, page speed, content, and responsiveness. However, Maria Kosukhina, who is a content manager at, says that in this regards, three things should be of particular focus for you:

  1. Have a responsive website design by using fluid grids and flexible elements that render well on all devices and screen sizes.
  2. Optimize your site speed because this benchmark is critical for Google to decide whether the website is mobile-friendly or not. 
  3. Optimize titles and meta descriptions so that all the important information can fit on the limited space on the mobile screen. Be very precise and brief when creating titles, URLs, and meta descriptions so that these elements displayed well in SERPs.
Maria Kosukhina

Note that when you optimize a mobile site, it brings a reassurance that the visitors will not leave due to inconvenience. Also, it enhances the credibility of your business.

Social Media Marketing

Starting with social media marketing, it is a great idea to boost your business. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, each platform gives you the advantage to reach for a different audience. You must choose a platform that aligns with your business goals and use it to promote your business.

SEO consultant Steve Toth has a piece of advice on how to choose a platform. According to him, “You first have to determine your goals and weigh them realistically against the time you have to commit.”

Steve Toth

“To identify the right platform for your business, you first have to study your target audience and find out what social media channels they use. Then cultivate your presence in the right places,” says Maria Kosukhina.

By sharing quality content on your social forums, you can establish yourself as an authority in a specific niche. You should also place social sharing options below each post. To establish a positive reputation on each of the digital streams, you must seek the help of the professionals. You can take the help of those who understand the depth of digital sea like Growthproton. Such agencies devise a digital roadmap for your business.

Social media marketing is, indeed, instrumental in business expansion. A Hubspot survey stated that 92% of business owners believe that social media is crucial for their growth.  

Email Marketing

Even though we have various communication channels nowadays, nothing beats the effectiveness of emails. It is one of the simplest ways to stay in front of your customers. You can send them emails to remind them about ongoing discounts and promotional campaigns. You can also ask them for a review of the products they purchased recently from your stores. It shows them that the business values their feedback, enhancing their loyalty to your brand.

According to the Radicati market research team’s latest email statistics report (2017-2021), the number of emails sent and received per day by businesses is still growing at an average rate of 4.4%.

Fortunately for us, there are many fantastic tools that we can use to launch an email campaign. There are marketing automation forums like MailChimp. And there are newsletter plugins to manage content like WordPress. As the means are growing, the competition is also increasing. Almost 80% of the B2B and B2C business enterprises are using email marketing.

Content Marketing

Having relevant content across all social platforms enables you to obtain organic traffic. There is a plethora of material that you can integrate into your content. For instance, you can use videos, blogs, or infographics.

Carlos Borja, an online marketing specialist at Time Doctor, says that creating content is just a quarter of your content marketing efforts. Promoting content has to get more of your time. He emphasizes the conversions rather than the traffic generated by the content. “Do not fall into the trap of “traffic” vanity,” he says. “Your blog posts is no good if it does not contribute (or convert) to your overall marketing goal.”

Carlos Borja

You can also collaborate the SEO and content strategies. This involves crafting your content around specific keywords. When you present yourself as an authority in a particular niche, it helps you gain the trust of customers. It helps you sustain your reputation and brings a competitive edge to your venture.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC is a type of advertising that brings visitors to your business page by using search ads. You only have to pay when someone clicks through these ads. After Google Ads, Facebook Ads have become a popular PPC forum. These types of advertisements attract a quality audience. It involves placing ads that only appear when a customer enters particular phrases.

This method ensures that your business page only gets the traffic that will likely convert into buyers. It also enables you to monitor the performance of your ads.

Parting Thoughts

These digital marketing basics will give you an idea of how to set off on your virtual journey. It’s not necessary to use them all. You can pick the marketing methods that fit your business design. Keep in mind that it’s an ever-growing field. You must stay in the info loop to know about new strategies and tools surfacing in this landscape.

We hope that this guide helped you get a better idea of how to expand your digital reach. If you are aware of any other method, apart from these, let us know.

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