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6 Ways Humor Can Increase Engagement On Facebook

Care for some laugh? I am sure, like me, you too want some humor in your lives, given the pandemic has already given us those anxiety attacks for months. And above all, laughter has always been a source to strengthen your relationships.

Plus, I can recall all the ads that were funny from the 1990s rather than the straight forward ones. Remember the Taco bell add from 1997, where the dog skipped its mate and ran after a Taco. It’s still absolutely clear in my mind as if it was something I saw yesterday, because the humor was so on point.

As per a study by Agility PR solutions, 53 percent of consumers say they are likely to remember and relish an advertisement if it’s funny.


So a ride on the humor roller coaster will definitely increase engagement on Facebook, leading to long-lasting relationships with your customers for years to come.

But isn’t your business a serious thingy- then why humor:

Now, look at it this way. What keeps you hooked to a Facebook post? Sometimes the content is informative, at other times, there are contests, and then there is something funny that catches your interest. I think a combo of all these characteristics will definitely work wonders.

Post= informative content + contests + humor

But obviously, this equation is perfect for me, for you, this would have other variables plus minus any of these.


The entertainment value of a brand that tickles your funny bones does matter, right? Through this therapy, the image of the brand is portrayed to be a lovable funny kind, giving a personalized experience to the audience. Let’s have a look at why humor should be a part of your social media marketing strategy:

  • It stimulates the level of cooperation. People consider laughter as something positive, and so it’s contagious too. Any joke that doesn’t offend people’s feelings is a powerful resource of building up trust and friendly relations.
  • Good humor leads to good memories. It is likely that the joke falls into subconsciousness staying there for a longer time than something presented in a boring manner.
  • Humor is viral. People will remember it, and the probability of sharing it with others will also be high. The higher the level of comedy, the greater the likelihood of sharing. Hence leading to brand fame.

But make sure to look into the prime dos and don’ts of humor on social media, otherwise, it may offend your prospects, and they might never consider you as an authentic brand.

So how does humor help you connect with people and increase engagement on Facebook

To delve deeper into the bond that humor creates between you and your clients, let’s look at the ways it can increase engagement on Facebook:

Mix in a pinch of humor to get alongside your fans

Mixing humor in your content is a great way to increase Facebook engagement. But remember that Humor is an individual thing, and people have different outlooks on different things.  Like different age groups can react in a directly opposite way on the same stuff.  

For this purpose, jokes are ideal. They can be in text or graphic form in your content. One way is to also call upon your followers to help you by posting funny things that have happened to them while using your brand. This will increase engagement on Facebook to a great extent while promoting your business or product.

So just keep the following in mind:

  • Choose the type of humor that is relevant
  • It should fit the voice of your business
  • It shouldn’t offend your audience.
  • Find the right balance to showcase your lighter side and raise more interaction

Look at how Impact Branding & Design gets the value of comedy, offering a great balance of educational content and a few giggles every now and then on its Facebook page. This is definitely a good reminder that a little humor can go a long way towards increasing Facebook engagement.


Tell  a story

Brands realize the need to entertain their customers via the age-old method of storytelling. And what could be better than a comedy tale? Gunelius’ claim in 2013 holds true to date, where he stated that ‘the opportunities to tell stories as part of brand marketing initiatives have become a strategic priority’.

This calls to show that if your Facebook is filled with stories rather than just simple, informational posts, then your audience will definitely keep coming back. Just make sure to do the following:

  • Understand your potential customer as deeply as you can
  • Speak in your customers’ tone of voice
  • Define a role of your customer in your story
  • Support your story with an image

Look at how Hairy baby shared a great story in a humorous tone about a bird that got trapped in their factory. The company posted a series of updates that stuck in the audience’s mind for long.

Create memes

Memes can be categorized as humorous images, videos, or any textual content which is copied with minor variation. It spreads on the internet like wildfire. The power of memes can be realized from the fact that they have become a viral form of content today. They can help you create a buzz about your brand by being the subject of these memes. Why so?

Memes prompt better reactions from audiences as they’re tailored for social media. It’s natural for people to share memes as part of their online experience. So they have become a great way to improve engagement. Above all, memes are often related to current trends, they make your brand more tangible, modern, and human.

For your memes to be effective, you should:

  • Try to be as original as possible
  • Match it to your brand voice
  • Repost relevant user-generated memes
  • Post a reaction to something trending or a live event
  • Don’t overdo it and make sure the timing is right

Look at how Tooth & Honey uses memes to grab the attention of the pet accessories market. It uses the popularity of dog memes to its advantage:


Humanize your brand by posting funny things


Overall, humanizing your brand allows for an in-depth connection with your audience. It creates a sense of trust between your brand and your viewers. It’s an important aspect to make room for Facebook engagement. Humanizing your brand helps maintain a positive, long-lasting relationship between your company and your customer.

The important factors to consider when using humor are fun, information, and control. Also, at all times, make sure that your humor doesn’t hurt other people.

When humanizing your brand, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Use emojis to inspire emotional responses
  • Use everyday language
  • Involve in conversations
  • Admit your mistakes
  • Create your brand’s unique voice

Look at how Zomato has mastered the art of using humor on their social media. Their ability to use humor meritoriously is the reason their posts get such high Facebook engagement.

zomato facebook


Awe the users with funny videos

Okay, so how do you define your video? Maybe your video isn’t exactly shocking, but if it’s isn’t getting your audience to watch it fully, then what’s the point.

Here’s is where the secret ingredient of humor plays its part: what will you do:

  • Project your video and pen down your script, keeping the drop off in mind.
  • Get creative- use humor or share a funny joke in the first few seconds to immediately grab the audience’s attention and keep it.
  • Keep your video short and concise so that the audience watch it till the end. This way you’ll be able to get your whole message across

Again bear in mind that businesses typically lose the majority of their audience within the first 25-30 seconds, according to Vidyard. So to maximize the potential of your video, ensure that it’s interesting enough right from the beginning. This can definitely be done by adding that funny element to keep viewers hooked to it.

Now this video by snickers portraying you are not you when you’re are hungry is really funny and will always grab the audience’s attention. I am sure its impact will be there for a longer period:

Set the boundaries of humor

People nowadays want to have a relationship with the brands they follow on social media, similar to the ones they have with their actual friends. Humor indeed is a great way to help you get some positive attention and differentiate your brand from your competitors.bus

6 Do's and Don'ts of #Humour in #SocialMedia Customer Care

But then again, if the timing is not appropriate or the posts are offensive, you will see how quickly and easily a hilarious and seemingly innocuous post can turn into a total disaster. So it’s always recommended to save yourself the embarrassment later on and set boundaries on the level of humor you post on your Facebook page.

So a few tips on how you can go about it are:

  • Find the Humor in Everyday Situations
  • Don’t force humor
  • Timing is important
  • Never insult or offend your audience
  • Reference current and trending events
  • Think about your target audience at all times and don’t cross the line

Now, this is how the seal uses the right balance of humor that the audience can relate to, yet it doesn’t involve anything to offend or let down anyone. And it is funny too:

Funny lion using shampoo and straightening hair

Over to you

So get on the bandwagon of fun. Humor is something that can benefit your brand and get you some credit for social responsibility. Get people laughing to overcome the stress they have been facing since the beginning of 2020.

At your end, using humor will help you be memorable, make it easier to connect with your community, help you define your personality, and increase engagement on Facebook. Seems like a win-win situation to me.

So now, along with the smart marketing strategies that you use, it’s time to add a flavor of laughter in the mix and see your customers coming back for more and more.

Do you also know of ways to inject humor into your social media? Please share your views with us so that we all can enjoy some happiness together!

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