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Sam Kusinitz wrote an in-depth article on where he discusses the top ranking factor in Google based on the importance level and he considers Inbound Links as crucial.

inbound links importance

I can share tons and tons of authority source declaring Links as one of the top 3 ranking factors in Google but recently when I was helping one of my friends with his Link Building project I found out that there are literally dozens of agencies in the US who are not doing their link building in-house neither for themselves or for their clients.

This is surprising when SEO PowerSuite Survey suggests that, “72 percent SEOs said backlinks are significant when it comes to ranking factors” but big agencies are either outsourcing their link building efforts or at least getting help from 3rd party firms.


This is a very obvious question and in order to find the answer, I looked into different cases, raise this question to other known SEOs within the industry and dripped down to a couple of reasons why agencies, particularly in US, UK, Canada, and Australia outsource their link building efforts.

  • It’s not Tangible

No matter how you glorify it, it makes it interesting the fact is that on the ground level, Link Building is boring, repetitive and sometimes a lot of your efforts end up getting low to no results at all. Let’s say you have an amazing piece of content and you are trying to get some valuable links pointing back to it, you can try different tactics that include reaching out to likeminded people directly and ask for a link, you can use guest posting, reach out to websites and universities that have resource pages available on that topic, do interviews and a hand full of other tactics but it’s not tangible and your hours of effort of finding those resources and reaching out to them can result in few or no links at all.

  • It’s Boring

Like it or not, it is! Finding prospects and reaching out to them and ask for a link is boring as well as repetitive. If you an agency SEO specialist with 5-6 websites under your belt you might end up spending your whole day sending emails to bloggers and webmasters, which is defiantly no fun!

  • It’s Expensive

 Let’s be real! It is expensive. According to, “The average pay for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist is $17.47 per hour.”

average salary for SEO specialist

If a specialist spent a good amount of hours in acquiring a link the cost of one link will be extremely expensive.

So, they hire, link building agencies to get the link building part and focus on the strategy and other areas that include website architecture, domain security (HTTPS), Keyword Research, mapping and intent, content structure, meta tag, site speed and more.

This sounds fair to me but the major problem is when I look into the market their tons and tons of link building agencies that are straight away mediocre and don’t understand the continuously changing behavior of search engines.

So, how to choose the link building for agencies that know their game?

 Finding a link building agency or freelancer who knows their game is another tiring yet important task. If you are falling for every other email that lands into your inbox, you and your clients will be doomed quickly!

Here is the reason why!

outreaching template

Honestly speaking $40 for a sure-shot link is amazing, so I dive deep into the sample websites he shared in the email and here is what it looks like:

ahref tool

DR 29, Organic Traffic in single-digit and double-digit organic keywords. Overall the numbers are a little off. When I dive deep into this, here is more what I got!

organic traffic graph

Look at the Organic traffic and Organic keywords. I will try not to get a link from this kind of website. Seems like $40 for this kind of link is not worth it.

Try, looking into other sample links and you will get an idea of why I would prefer avoiding that kind of link.

Other Options:

There are a couple of other options out there. Companies that are offering link building for agencies like Fat Joe, The Hoth, Placement SEO and more.

Now, I tried a couple of these agencies before when I was in the agency world and sometimes the links I got were great but other times, I had to regret the idea of going towards them. But anyone who is outsourcing their link building efforts knows the risk of it. So, no complains!

Services like Fat Joe or The Hoth or placement SEO are relatively expensive, you are not getting a DA 50 link for $40/link but the good part is that they manually reach out to places and get the placements done (at least that’s what they claim) at a certain price so that link is still sure shot but the quality can be questionable sometimes and here is the proof of it:

Pros of using these services:

Here are some of the reasons why using the link building services from agencies like The Hoth and Fat Joe is a good idea!

  • Content

Creating Content is their responsibility. You order them the link and they will take care of the Guest Post content that they are going to write content and submit it to them accordingly. You will get the final product. So far, I didn’t hear any complaints about their quality of content, which is a great thing!

  • Sure, Shot Link!

You are not paying for outreaching, you are only paying for the live link so in case the outreach response rate is not good, or they end up getting no link after the campaign, they can’t charge you for that. You pay for what you get!

  • Diversified Links

They offer different kinds of link building services that include Guest Posting, Citation Links, Infographic links, Press Releases, Media Mentions and more so your overall link profile will contain a range of links using different tactics which makes your profile look more real.

Cons of using this service:

  • No control over placements

You can order the link, tell them your desired URL, anchor text of your choice but when it comes to where the link will go live, you as an agency will not have any control over it. You have no idea where the link will go live.

  • Quality of link can be unpredictable

Although DA is a good metric as a starter but completely based on DA as a metric can be a bad idea. You will guarantee to go to get a link from the desired DA website but will the blog be active, targeted to your niche (or general blog with multiple categories) or have decent organic traffic and organic keywords in SERPs, you have no idea. Sometimes, you will get a link from very qualified websites and other times the website will not be up to your standards. Long story short – Unpredictable!

  • Pricey!

If you are looking for a DA 40 link for $40-50, services like Fat Joe or The Hoth isn’t really for you!

da packages

A good DA 30 or DA 40 link will cost you somewhere around $100 to $200 or plus.

Link Building Partners for Agencies:

We at Growth Proton have done Link Building for range or startups and help them not only get better rankings in search engines but also get them referral traffic that results in leads and sales for the business.

So, how are we different from the emails that land into your inbox or other link building agencies?

Instead of acting as a link building agency, we act as a link building partner for your agencies. We work with you and understand your client’s needs and see what kind of links can be beneficial for your client and try to hunt for those links accordingly.

Instead of focusing on Guest Post or Infographics we use a range of different tactics like Guest Posting, Infographics, resource page links, partner’s link, product reviews, broken link building and more.

The idea is not to give you sure shot links but offers you links that help you with SERP rankings, referral traffic and also to make your link profile look as natural as possible.

  • Link Metrics

We do not rely on DA as a sole metrics and we also understand that every agency’s preferences are different when it comes to link metrics. So, we work with you and understand what metrics are important for your and do prospecting and go from you accordingly.

  • Prospecting List

Based on the metrics finalized above in step 1, we will find the list of prospects and share the list of prospects with the client and will give them the ability to pick and choose websites so that end result that clients get is something they really wanted.

Because none of the websites is PBN or blogs that we own ourselves, we do not guarantee that you will surely get a link from that website/blog but we will keep finding new prospecting and will adding the websites and blogs to that sheet so that you can choose on the regular basis.

  • Link Fee

Our aim is to get links that agencies and clients are ideally looking and our first preference is to those links that allow us to include our links based on the quality that we are offering to their readers but if blogger or webmaster ask for a certain fee for the process, we will update clients accordingly. If the agency wants to proceed with that, we will take further necessary actions if not, we will skip the site and moved to the next one.

  • Content

If you are aiming to get a link on a high-quality website (regardless of what the DA is) in most cases, 500 words of the content aren’t enough. We understand that and which is why we do not strictly confine out writers to limit to 500 words but we focus on each website and write accordingly that can be 500 words or 3000 words of a post. Let’s be real you are not getting a link on Search Engine Journal or Smart Insight or any other quality website with 500 words of content!

  • Link Submission

As I discussed above, we do not own any PBN or blogs so we have to reply on the post living time based on what we get from the bloggers. But, we keep the process as transparent as possible and share every update with the agency (our clients). Usually, we share the Google sheet with the client where we update the statuses as we get updates from the client.

  • Live Link

As soon as the link went life, we update the sheet and shoot the email accordingly. We also discuss the health of the link so that later down the line, if we need to make any improvement, we can adjust the campaigns accordingly.

  • Pricing

We defiantly will charge for the live links only but our prices per link will be different based on the niche your client is in. For example, the client in the insurance niche will cost you more compare to the client in the marketing niche as there are more prospects available with the better response rate in the marketing niche compare to the other niche discussed above.

Here is what few of our client’s say about us:

“Working with Growth Proton team has been amazing since day one! I have worked with them for over 3 years and we have seen continuous growth in our SEO initiates. The team is very easy to work with and they have been flexible to meet our reporting needs. I highly recommend working with Growth Proton and the team!”

Want us to be your link building partners, fill out the form or call us today!

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