Local SEO Strategy: A Guide to Rank Your Local Businesses in SERPs

Imagine this. You are part of a race held once a year. Each year participants from across the globe take part in that race. You know that it is difficult to win the race, so you try to gain as much advantage as you can get from your rivals.

You will not wear the usual shoes. You’ll wear shoes designed for athletes that will help you to run faster, maintain balance, and gain some advantage over your rivals. A similar thing happens when you work on your local SEO strategy.

The competition is excellent out there. To compete with people, you must use some tools, some tricks that will help you to gain an edge over your competitors.

Everyone is trying to build a business and generate sales. To stand out from the crowd, you must do everything to increase your brand presence online and improve your search results by using these tips.   

What are you missing out on by not doing local SEO?

Every business is started with the aim of turning it into a success story. What appears as a giant player once started small. It followed a carefully crafted process to reach the heights of success. One of the initial steps in that process is ‘local SEO.’

Local SEO enables you to establish a base of loyal customers upon which you can multiply your growth. With local SEO, you target those people who are near you and are in more need of the products and services you are offering.

While the world of the internet has diminished the concepts of boundaries, and brands with global outreach are becoming popular, local SEO is there to facilitate small and medium-sized businesses to stay in the competition.

Consider this: If someone wants to buy a branded handbag, their preference would be a reputed company that operates globally. But if they are in immediate need of a birthday gift to surprise their friend, they will search for the local options that are near them.

So with local SEO, you make sure that your business is there to provide instant solutions to the customers. Once you manage to popularize your brand amid a small audience, their positive reviews and word-of-mouth will pave your way towards success.

The benefits of local SEO are huge if you manage to do it right. Having said that, it is a craft, and you need to be very meticulous about it. In this blog, we have listed some local SEO tips that have benefited small businesses to grow.

Build Customer Reviews

A survey revealed that 68% of the customers develop feelings for a brand with positive customer reviews. Customer reviews develop a perception of a brand in the eyes of the customer.

Additionally, positive reviews boost your local search ranking. When people talk about a brand in social media or even in Google reviews, there is a chance that Google will show that first before anything else. With good, consistent reviews, your brand can rank higher in Google search results.

Do you know that Google generates more reviews than Facebook? It makes sense to boost the visibility of your business by generating Google My Business reviews from customers.

It is a digital age where there are many ways for brands to take reviews from customers. Firstly, you can ask directly from the customer as a courtesy message a few days after a successful sale. When you ask for a genuine review from a satisfied customer, there is a good chance that they will love to review your service. To ease people, just give the review link in the email so that they can directly review your brand.  

Once you get the review, a timely response is something that you need to give. People trust Google reviews, which is why there is a significant impact of those reviews in search results.


Optimize website for local keywords

You must optimize keywords for local customers too. You can use Google Keyword planner with a location filter to find the relevant keywords and find out which keywords are being searched for customers in your region.

With these sets of keywords, you can sprinkle them on your website in your content, Meta title, deceptions, and URL.

But wait, not that fast. First, it is better to examine the competitiveness of the keywords. To do that, use a tool like SpyFu to see which keywords your competitors are using. If the local competitors are using some keywords, it means that they are working for them. These might work for you too.

However, a word of advice, don’t over-use keywords because keyword stuffing might get you in the blacklist of Google.

The latest algorithm of Google prefers natural keyword listing, which means they keywords must be placed in a way that they appear part of the text.

For example, a Focus Booth in Toronto uses location-based keywords like, “Toronto photo booth” whenever possible in their content.

If you check the website, they’ve used the main keyword right in the heading. A similar approach is followed in their meta description and title, where the keyword is used smartly.

Strengthen your Social Media presence

Social media is the universal sweet spot where customers and brands meet. If you are not present on social media, there is a chance that your rivals are already one step ahead of you.

Regardless of whatever business you have, your customer is there on social media, on some platform looking for a solution to their problem. When you show up every day on social media, there is hope for those people. It develops a sense of trust among people. You’ll get quality backlinks from high-authority websites, and this is when you start winning.

There is no time to be just active on social media. People on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook have a short attention span. If you do not engage with the customers, then and there, you’ll lose half the battle already.

You need to stay active on social media handles. Not just one, stay active on every social media platform. Create awareness and attract people towards your brand. With social media, you will be able to inform people about your products/services.

However, one thing that you need to be sure of is that the content on the page must be relevant. If you post valuable and relevant content, it will increase your social media engagement, and in return, you will get more traffic on the website. Look into how Cooksmarts uses their twitter feed to present reviews and case studies of satisfied customers:

Promoting your business on social media is the most effective strategy to boost your brand’s presence and traffic. It will also strengthen your local SEO strategy in the long-run.

A mobile-friendly website

Mobile usage has increased at an alarming rate. People are now doing everything from their phones. From waking-up to buying things online. There is an app for everything. And brands who don’t have a mobile app yet, they go for a mobile-friendly website.

Statista suggests that there were 4.68 Billion more users in 2019, and the number is increasing at an alarming rate.

This is why you need to design and develop a responsive website that will deliver a mobile-friendly experience on any device.

Responsive design is not just a need; you need a responsive design to improve the local SEO strategy of your brand because this is one of the things that Google takes seriously.

Here are a few things that you can do to make your website mobile-responsive:

  • Optimize images and videos to boost the loading time of the website.
  • Carefully plan the layout, the menu, especially for mobile so that users can find everything easily.
  • Add social sharing buttons to product pages so that users can easily share the products with their friends.
  • Tools like Google mobile-friendly test can help you understand how your website can be more mobile-friendly. This is a tool that will improve the responsiveness of your website.

Look at how Nike takes the front seat in this regard:


Google autocomplete

The users of today usually prefer impulsive buying. They want everything at their doorstep and fast. For this reason, users search for local brands that are delivering in their area.

When you search on Google related to anything in your area, the autocomplete feature of Google will give you suggestions that will help you find products in your area.

For instance, if you need to explore Kansas City, when you write the keyword in the search box, you’ll get suggestions related to your search. This will help you to know what people are already searching for related to Kansas City.


Commit to creating localized content

Another fantastic local SEO tip to get your web page indexed is to focus on local content. Figure out events related to your niche in your area and review them in your blog. Talk about events that are happening in your city and let the people know that you care about these local events and are willing to provide them with valuable content.

A locally-focused content will help you build domain authority in the local area. This content will carry more weight, and Google will index more pages of your website because it is relevant to people in your area. If you create anything useful to local people, Google will note it and mark you in their directory.

Of course, you need to hire local writers to accomplish this job because people who understand the nature of local people can engage them quickly rather than someone who doesn’t know and understand the attitude of people.

This will help the people connect with the local voice, and they will easily understand your message in their language. You can also hire freelance writers to create local content for you. This will help you in getting your local content across quickly.

As mentioned earlier, write about local events, be a guide in your field. Add value so that you can be an inspiration for customers. For people who want to learn or buy something from a local brand, they will have trust in your brand as you can giving them authentic information.

The frontrunner in this strategy is Netflix due to its targeted push toward global expansion. It’s looking into curating local-language programs and content for customers in each country. This includes useful programming with localized subtitles, and dubbing the existing programs in local languages.


Focus on Voice Search

As we have mentioned earlier, that mobile search is essential. People are buying stuff online from mobile.

In addition to this, people are now moving towards a voice search instead of text searches.


The smartphones of today are AI Assistants, which means they are voice-enabled sets that search for voice commands and use your voice to get you everything on your voice.

Voice commands have changed the way people search for queries, and it enabled search engines to change the way people search for queries. Often the virtual assistants will not just perform the search, but they are good at reading snippets that are displayed in SERPs.

In a voice search, people search differently. When searching with voice, people use full statements, like long-tail keywords, to search for products.

So, this is what you need to focus on. While creating content for your page, you must include long-tail keywords that are easy to search.

The snippets prioritize questions and answers. This means that if you create content in a form that answers queries of people, it will be easy for the snippets to grab the attention of your content. Maximize your chances of reaching the snippet by being informative, useful, and providing value over to your visitors.

Naturally, use the keywords in your content and make the Google search result list your brand in their local search results.

Wrapping it up

To conclude it all, brands must realize that people are now more focused on buying from local brands that can deliver the product fast.

People prefer to pick-up products which are near their homes. To increase your local SEO ranking, you must perform all the tricks mentioned in this blog.

There is fierce competition out there, and to gain an advantage over your competitors, you must try to beat them with localized SEO. This will help you gain an edge over brands that have not focused on local SEO.

And when you try and give users value and give them information regarding the local events and trends, it will develop trust among users, and people will love to buy from you.

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