Outsource SEO Agency – Break Promises But Not Your Chance to Scale More

I think of the time….when saying “pinky swear” was attached to every fiber of my being.

Talk about how many promises I lived up to? That’s another story.


In the chaos of all promises that I made back in the days, the only unbreakable one was, is, and will be, “I will scale my clients’ businesses.”

Talk of which, let me give you a new direction.

While it might seem that the internet is THE Avenue for your business…

Sorry to burst your tiny bubble, but that might not be entirely accurate.

The ability to maintain a worthwhile presence on the internet that contributes to its growth may be trickier than those entrepreneurship counselors make it out to be.

Consequently, scaling-on-internet may seem more like an elusive myth than the possibility to entrepreneurs. The energy to marketing and optimizing their online presence may even prove fatal for some businesses.

Primarily, the optimization of any online business and its ability to scale may come down to one concept and three words:

Search Engine Optimization.

These are the three words that completely capture the essence of operating in the contemporary digital arena.

SEO to Grow

40000– that is the number of searches on Google every second!

If your business is to have any chance of surviving, your SEO must put it on the very top of search results.


On number 1, statistically speaking, you get a click-through rate of 31.7% – 10 times that of the website on the 10th spot.  And because every business wants to be number one, the forecasted spending on SEO in 2020 stands at $80 billion, according to search engineland.com.

I’m telling you the spending will grow in the coming years. Just saying (figuratively – see above).


SEO and Scaling

The bottom line for all the rising spending on SEO is not merely to be number one on search results.

The real purpose behind all the spending is to achieve growth for the business. But, if you were to really think about it, the real reason for all this investment is a much more elusive concept: scaling.

Where growth refers to growing revenue, scaling refers to increasing your revenue without increasing your costs. This is important, especially for startups that may not have the excess money to invest and grow a business.

SEO is an indispensable tool to achieve this scalability. Why? Because SEO forms the backbone of any business’s digital marketing campaign. The better the SEO, the more traffic that your online presence generates and the more conversions you achieve.

So, if there is one lesson you take out of here, it is that SEO is the single most crucial tool capable of deciding the future of business.

Why Outsource?

But that is not all that we would want you to take out of this article. So, here comes the real ground shaker:

Not every business can, and not every business should handle its own SEO effort.

There, I said that…Off the chest!

While this may be unsettling to hear for most people, it really shouldn’t be.


Why? Because sales and marketing and Information Technology are among one of the most outsourced jobs worldwide. What is SEO, if not a combination of both?

But that is like saying you should adopt a dog because that is one of the most common pets. We don’t work like that, do we? So, here are some hard, proven reasons why outsourcing your SEO can be pivotal for your business:

The Costs

Jumping the calculators!

The first thought to spring up in your mind at the very mention of the word “outsource” is the cost of such an activity. While instincts say outsourcing to a specialist SEO agency would cost more than doing it yourself, your gut feeling can’t always be right.


An actual analysis of the costs of outsourcing your SEO vs. the cost of hiring two in-house writers clearly shows which of the two costs less.

Besides, the costs of changing employees, the depreciation on equipment, evaluation of the employees and all others will eventually add up to create a considerable margin.

Every dollar saved ends up in your pocket (wink wink)

The opportunity cost is not even considered here. It is evident by far that a specialist SEO firm will do its work much more effectively than two writers operating in an isolated environment in a firm without any proper tools for SEO. If opportunity costs were added, the comparison would not even seem to be worth undertaking.

You can throw that myth straight out of the window now.

Scaling Potential

While we have been going on and on about the scaling potential of a business, it would be unjustified if it did not reflect in the benefits to be achieved from outsourced SEO. The first and foremost consideration for in-house SEO is to undertake costs.

Where is the scalability then?

But what happens in outsourcing too, right? You have to pay for the services. However, in establishing an in-house SEO potential, you tie up your resources in technological as well as human resources.

It may not be easy to free up these resources when needed. If you try doing that in a startup, we can guarantee you will soon be filing for bankruptcy.

From the two (outsourcing or in-housing), given that SEO is necessary, outsourcing is what promotes scaling. 

Bias Reduction

One of the disadvantages of using an in-house SEO service is that personalization takes over.

People inside the organization tend to overestimate the skill and ability of the organization they work at. This shows in the content your organization publishes with a bias that is unbeatable.

On the other hand, a firm operating from the outside gathers a holistic view of the entire industry and realistically assesses your business.

With such an evaluation, it does not overload the content with a promotional tone. This does not frustrate the reader and establishes credibility, which reflects better on all customers and leads to better conversions.

Finding Outsourcing Partners          

While it may seem evident that the benefits to be reaped out of such outsourcing are enormous, it may all be in vain with the wrong outsourcing partner. Finding the right SEO partner is about:

  • Knowing what you need: only when you clearly understand the objective of outsourcing can you choose the right partner. Establishing an organization-wide understanding of the goals will help in creating a real metric to measure against.
  • Researching: with clear goals and metrics, choosing a company that best suits your goals gets smoother and more comfortable. But research is not all about potential SEO partners but also about competitors, their partners, and their goals.
  • Inquiring: you cannot choose a partner without initial inquiry. Meeting virtually with company representatives and discussing your expectations and goals is an essential step in selecting a partner. Only choose the company that completely fulfills your requirements.

Final Word

In addition to just lower costs and better services, an outsourced SEO can add value to your business both in terms of tangible revenue and intangible goodwill. What is pivotal for this to hold true is an accurate and complete evaluation of the outsourcing partner.

Happy Outsourcing!

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