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Build A Remote Workforce During The COVID-19 Crises: 7 Tools That Can Help

COVID-19 has made even the biggest corporations to mend their courses. Be it a small startup or a large-scale corporation; all are switching towards a remote workforce in response to COVID-19.

During the time of a global calamity, businesses are finding it hard to deal with their scattered workforce effectively. In doing so, managers are facing myriad issues with maintaining the same level of effectiveness.

This is the new normal, and we all are struggling to acquaint with it. Some common challenges faced by managers include lack of face-to-face communication, social isolation, in-home distractions, and lack of access to shared information.

However, technology has presented us with enough solution to deal with this situation. There are various communication tools, task managers, information sharing platforms, and group calling options.

If we look at the growth of COVID-19 and how bad it had got, it is evident that that work from home’ is here to stay, at least in the near future.

As a business owner, the worry of business loss is big enough, and if managing a workforce becomes a hassle as well, then your business can severely suffer.

Therefore, you require technological intervention to manage your remote workforce without compromising on the efficacy. In this blog, you’ll get to know some fantastic tools that will help your team to work remotely in a seamless manner.

Some fantastic tools for effectively managing a remote workforce

  • Evernote

The biggest lacking of remote working is the real-time conversation. With the launch of the Work Chat feature in Evernote, teams can now discuss projects as if they’re sitting next to each other.

Managers can share to-do lists with the team and discuss it. A team can edit, add ideas, and discuss it further internally. All this is managed on the Evernote app so that your inbox isn’t flooded with notifications.

The most amazing thing about Evernote is its simplicity. If you try to use any other tool, it might need some extra training for the employees. With Evernote, you can share ideas, get feedback on your ideas, without downloading any other app for the support.


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  • 10,000FT

Working remotely without a project management tool is like running an orchestra without a bandleader. It just can’t work. In remote working, you can’t have morning meets or day briefs. Therefore an effective tool is required to provide the full context of the tasks and also to monitor the progress.

The goal of 10,000ft is to give a transparent picture of who’s working on which task. The visual interface makes it easy to check what’s going on in one glance. Moreover, the reporting and time-tracking make it easier to get precise analytics on the productivity of each employee.


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  • iDoneThis

Apart from keeping an eye on the end goal and final product, managers need to pour themselves in on the day to day activities. With a remote workforce, it’s a challenge.

iDoneThis has made it possible to keep track of the activities of every employee.  Each team member submits a report by email, and the managers can give them feedback, which can be taken care of later.

Simply and efficiently, you’ll be able to eliminate the daily check-in-meetings, which makes the employees uncomfortable as employees are scattered across time zones, and not everyone can be productive at the same time.

Instead of just seeing the face of the employee, you’ll be able to track the metrics that matter, such as pace of work and productivity.


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  • Jing

Not everything can be explained via email or text. This is where Jing can help, saving endless headaches and time.

The tool is based on a simple idea. Take screenshots, annotate, and you can sync them with Evernote. This will make it easy to take feedback on things without explaining much about them.

The app is light, which is why it takes just a few seconds to upload the image and provide you with a shareable link. Pictures speak volumes, which means that you don’t need to explain much when the image itself says a lot.


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  • Skitch

Another tool to give away clear instructions via screenshots is Skitch. Whether it is giving feedback on a mockup or a step-by-step tutorial on something. Just take the screenshots and tell the employees what needs to be done in an easy-to-understand manner.


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  • Penflip

Penflip can be labeled as Github of writing. You can write tasks in a markdown editor and then share it with your team. Each of the collaborators will work in their version where they can edit, add comments, and discuss ideas with the owner.

While there are some issues with Google Docs where many people writing at once can create confusion, Penflip has addressed this problem well.

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  • Quip

Quip does the same thing as Penflip but in a slightly different manner. The documents can be created in a spreadsheet or task lists form on any device. When Google Docs leaves no room to leave comments or accept/reject changes, it is possible to do that with Quip.

Whether it is working offline or online, the Quip app is available for both Android and iOS. It is one of the smartest apps to get things done efficiently with a remote workforce.


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Finishing it up

COVID-19 is a severe epidemic that has spread like wildfire across the globe. People are trying to cope-up and find ways to work efficiently within the confines of their homes.  

Work-from-home is vigorously exercised across the world to prevent further spread of the virus. Brands, companies, and startups are using the power of the internet and remote working tools to minimize the loss and keep things steady.

The job of a manager is to keep things under control by using various tools that are already helping corporations.

One good thing that COVID-19 gave us is the power to re-think our priorities in both work and professional life. Today, you can sit with your family and work at the same time, enjoying a cup of hot coffee in your living room.

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