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6 Untapped Social Media Promotion Ideas To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

After the COVID-19 hit the fan, the only way for small businesses to succeed is via social media promotion.

Everyone wants to survive this epidemic. Sadly, businesses who don’t act will not survive. So, the best plan of action is to optimize your brand for social media and ensure that the brand gets some more followers, some more orders, and some more brand recognition. Because that’s what’s demanded.

Social media promotion is the only way with which you can make your brand stand out from the rest. It’s essential to stay relevant to the market and seek the buyer’s intention.

What are the things that your customers prefer while buying a product?

Add those features to your marketing campaign. This will help you create ad campaigns relevant to your customers.

Let’s look at some of the easiest yet effective social media promotion strategies that can help you increase your market share and outwit your competitors out there.

Complete your social media profile

The first mistake that startups and small businesses make while trying to market their brand on social media is not filling out their social media profiles completely.

Be on Snapchat or TikTok. If you have created an account on any social media platform, it is your job to fill the profile out because customers prefer to know more about the brand before they read anything else.

To keep the communication smooth, you must complete the social media profile so that customers can learn more about your brand, and if they feel you are worth a try, they will surely contact you with your listed details.


Social Media Video marketing

CISCO revealed that 82% of their traffic on social media was driven by video posts. A report by Animato revealed that 76.5% of the marketers get positive results with video marketing in their posts.

However, since people are now more interested in video marketing, brands have been using videos in their social media promotion.

So, for you to stand out, you must create unique videos that memorably deliver a clear message.

There are tons of videos out there, and to grab the attention of your target market, you must brainstorm ideas, integrate your brand message in the video and present it humorously.

If you remember the brand, when the competition was fierce, and they had little money to market their product – the CEO himself appeared in a video and showed us why DollarShaveClub is different than others in the market.

You will always face fierce competition out there. But to increase your market share, you must put your precious hours in developing a creative video for your brand.

Make a video that will hit the heart and brain of your target market. With better targeting, you’ll increase your brand presence even with a limited amount of budget.

The best way to do it is with keywords research. Before you make any video, use tools like Ahrefs or Google keyword planner to seek keywords that are already popular among your target market. And use these keywords in your video.

Use Mind-Blowing Images for social media promotion

A human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than any text. That’s 80% of what we see than of what we read every day.

Before the customer reads anything on your social media, they’ll see your images, and if the images are not convincing enough, they might not move forward with the post at all.

Tools like Canva and Picmonkey can help you in creating mind-blowing images for your social media posts.

The other option is to hire a professional graphic designer or a freelance designer that can create a template for your social media posts.

The dimension of images frequently changes, so you must do your research and work hard on creating images that will attract your target users.

The goal is to create images that will deliver the message and inspire at the same time. Amid all, don’t forget to get a social media expert on board. After all, it isn’t about delivering the message only, but getting it heard as well.

Get some inspiration from Paricott Paper Cups. A brand with highly creative designers that will blow your mind every time you see their post on social media. Check out this original image from one of their ad campaigns which they run on social media:


Let Chatbots join the conversation

According to, 57% Percentage of businesses agree that chatbots helps deliver large ROI with peppercorn effort.

The stats clearly shows that people approve of chatbots and consider them as a quick solution provider.

Successful brands understand the power of real-time communication with customers.

The customers of today are more interested in impulsive buying than waiting for an email to get an update. Customers want to know the answer to your problem fast, and they want someone to listen to them.

With Chatbots, there is an option for brands to customize a message and initiate a conversation. The new technology of Chatbots can send personalized messages to visitors and help them with basic queries.

Once the customer is engaged, it will be easy to guide them and figure out if they are facing any problem. On social media, there are already more than 100,000 chatbots being used onSocial media offers a wide range Facebook to interact with people and convert customers.

As a brand, you must do the same for the sake of social media promotion. Most of the companies like Amazon and Aliexpress use Chatbots to send automated discount coupons and fundamental question and answer session where customers can easily communicate with a brand and get quick assistance.

Remarketing will boost conversions

While some customers prefer impulsive buying, at times, some customers take time to move from the awareness stage to the decision stage. For these customers, the message must be remarketed on social media to develop the interest of customers.

The benefits of Social media are immense. It offers a wide range of solutions to place content in various forms in front of the customer. The brands use Facebook to put posts that are information-based while on YouTube that same content can be used to inform about the importance of buying the product and how the brand will fulfill the need for the people.

The custom audience option on Facebook can be used to target a specific set of customers on the website. Each ad set can be used to drive visitors to a different landing page specific to one service or category of products. This data can easily be tracked, and similar ads can be created to strengthen trust among customers.

The point to take care of is that each message must be well-integrated with the brand message and the image of the brand. A different message or a variance of message doesn’t’ mean that the basic idea of the message needs to be changed.

For instance, the same content that is posted on Facebook can be displayed on Instagram with a different picture along with some editing in the caption.

J. Crew Factory does this amazing remarketing on every platform with a different message. I am a big fan of J. Crew Factory when it comes to creativity with their marketing.

Recently I received an email that they are offering some fantastic discounts; a similar message can seem on their social media page a day after that email. 


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing will remain popular in social media promotion. With tons of influencers out there, it is difficult to pick the right ones for your brand. But once you take care of your market, it will be easy for your brand to increase your market share.

However, as mentioned earlier, choosing the right influencer is the key to your brand success. On social media, find influencers that can relate to your products and services.

For instance, if you have toys, you can choose Ryan ToysReview to market some of your products. A channel with a six-year-old Ryan sharing dozens of reviews each year and with 10 million subscribers, he is one of the most-watched influencers on YouTube.

You must figure out what giveaway you will be given to the influencer, will be a financial benefit or some product/service that you are offering. The product must be useful for the influencer. If there is no immediate benefit to the influencer, it will be difficult for them to promote the product in a genuine way.

The bottom line

In the end, it is all about promoting your brand in a way that adds value to your user. If the visitor is not getting any benefit from your product or service, it will be impossible to sell the product to the user. You must keep all the messages well-aligned with the interest of the customers.

Plan out your social media promotion in a way that looks good for your brand. If you market the product in a way that the visitor doesn’t give the customer any value, it will be difficult for you to market the product even with the tips mentioned above.

The competition out there is fierce. To get your brand noticed, you need to do something unique. Each of the tips mentioned above is being tried and tested a dozen times, and they work every time if used with some planning.

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