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B2B Marketers Guide To Producing Multiple Types Of Content

Screw “I think!”

You have to try it.

Trust me, your condition reminds me of the lyrics

“How to be brave

How can I create when I am afraid to fall?”

(P.S: I have slightly tweaked it to match to the current scenario.)

Amid all the cradles (comfort zones), I dislike the one that paralyzes your mind and steals your ability to implement.

If you intend to give this blog a read and leave it just like you have read other blogs and left the implementation part, please do me a favor…Leave and save your minutes.

Not in the mood to leave it? Then stay and drink the nectar of guide I have for you.

Why do content marketers fail to produce various types of content?

There is a dire need to address this question.

In my opinion, content marketers pay heed to 30 different things; that’s why they fail to implement even one.

As your well-wisher, I advise you to take “one step at a time,” instead of getting into the box of an unsolvable puzzle.

How to create a content strategy?

Before moving towards the content creation strategy, you need to analyze the platforms and their audience.

Keep two things into your mind:

  • Audience is primary
  • Content is secondary

By primary and secondary, I don’t mean that you need to give more importance to the primary and leave the secondary. I am merely trying to explain that secondary solely depends on primary here.

Unless you know your audience well, you have an idea of the platform where they are more active, it’s impossible to create a content strategy that works. 

Now let’s move to the part of the story where I’ll be sharing the content formats that work for your business

B2B buyers are data lovers! Give them more of it

Amid the species, we have in the business world lies one that is sheer data-sucker. (I call them B2B buyers.)

According to QuickSprout, blog posts that contain charts and graphs get more shares. Since B2B buyers dwell more on logic and data, they are inclined towards anything that has numbers.

No doubt, words create magic. But little do you know images are no less in terms of creating an impact. According to a study by MIT neuroscientists, our brain takes merely 13 milliseconds to process a single image.

That being said, if you transfer the information in words form, it will have a little less impact. When you convert it into a flow chart, graphs, or pie charts, the results get multiplied.

I was astounded by a research conducted by KoMarketing, business buyers have less engagement with B2B vendors due to posting too much irrelevant content.

This takes me back to one point; again, you need to know your audience’s interest. It’s not just about posting content, but more about posting relevant content.

While sharing any graph or chart, make sure that you take care of the following things present in the picture. Make sure the data is sorted, and you are taking it from authorized websites.

data quality parameters

Blog posts – B2B buyers can’t get enough of them

According to DemandMetric, 90% of businesses consider blogging as their most effective content marketing tactic.

Perhaps, you want to ask, WHY TO BLOG?

Let me share convincing reasons:

  • A blog is inexpensive, yet you can update it within a matter of minutes
  • A blog helps establish your company’s personality
  • A blog is easily shareable across various social media platforms.

All the big giants we have in the market take the help of blogs. From phantom size SAAS companies to small ecommerce stores, they rely on blogging to drive sales.


Source: www.buffer.com

Here, you can see the example of “Buffer.” They are quite active and have a proper blog strategy in place.

How would you have a perfect blog strategy unless you have the topic ideas in place. Let’s untie the knots one by one.

If you have friendly ties with Google, you already know where to look for content ideas. If not, I am here to help you.

Talk about content creation, I get stuck when it comes to deciding the topic to write on. Here, Buzzsumo helps me.

Let me show you how it works.

  • When you hover on “discover,” you see “Topics” in the dropdown. Click on it.
discover topics

Once you are there, type the topic you have in your mind. Here, I have typed, “generate more profit.”

types of content

You will see a graph that will tell you about the similar blogs that have been published previously.

marketing graph

Finally, you will get to the content ideas.

Now I feel there shouldn’t be any excuse to leave it just like that.

content ideas

Gated Content – the lead magnet for B2B marketers

People are chasers by nature….

When I say that your readers are no exception. The curiosity takes a step forward when something isn’t readily available to you.

In other words, I’d say that it somehow generates FOMO.

Gated content is always hidden behind the wall. It means a visitor needs to provide the info in order to access it.

Look at the picture below:

Gated Content

Source: bloominari.com

Now you will understand what it is.

P.S: Don’t go overboard with it. If you put everything behind the wall, it will hurt your SEO. If you feel it is damaged by any means, Growth Proton is your savior.

Wondering how gated content will benefit you? Let me solve the puzzle for you:

  • With this content’s help, you capture your visitor’s info: their email addresses, contact number, etc.
  • Segmenting your leads will be easier. Based on their interest, you can segment your audience and provide more of what’s gathering utmost appreciation.
  • Your web visitors are more likely to convert into leads.
  • Time and again, they will check your website for more such stuff. Hence your web traffic will keep increasing.

Produce Micro-content – Let main pillars help you here

When you have the pillar, it’s easy to build the content around it.

Now, let’s suppose you have written a perfect blog post. That one blog post can produce tons of micro-content.

You can take one or two lines from the post, embed it in sound design, and post it on social media.

See how easy it is. Isn’t it?

This way, you will save yourself from thinking time and again what to post next.

UGC is your safe zone B2B marketers

What else is better than knowing customers are in love with your product or service?

Nothing can be.

You don’t always have to struggle to produce content; sometimes, it is better to let your customers do it.

Remember, “Share a Coke” campaign?

Coca-Cola won million hearts with the help of UGC. They encouraged people to share a coke with friends and family.

Apple is doing the same way. If you see their Instagram, it is filled with pictures captured by their product lovers.


Apple created a moment of “exclusivity” for its customers. Their customers feel amazing to know that their captured clicks are being shared with the world through Apple’s platform.

You, too, can create a similar campaign for your product or service. This way, your customers will feel special. Moreover, you will gain the trust of those who are skeptical about you.

Explainer videos and Customer testimonials

If you talk about video ideas, the sky is the limit.

Explainer videos are easy to create. You can use it in your content marketing strategy and upscale your game.

The best thing amid all is that you can divide that explainer video into small chunks to post it on different platforms.

In the hustle-bustle of life, it sometimes gets challenging to take out time and read. When you talk about the videos, all you need to do is wear your earbuds and listen.

The best example is of “Slack” here. It posted a simple know-how video to let people know what it is all about when introduced.

Explainer videos

Customer testimonials work like a sharp ax. You can say that the effect of this type of content is almost double. The reason being, people, believe you when they hear from the people who are in the same boat. 

You can ask your buyer to share a small video testimonial with you. This will help generate people’s trust in your product or service.

Final thoughts

The knife of boring content hurts too badly.

Your customer acquisition strategy turns into epic fail when you post irrelevant content for b2b buyers.

I hope this blog will help you come up with share-worthy content. If you want to add something more to this, I’d love to see your comments.

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