The Nottingham gyms – A Local SEO Case Study of 60 Days!


For businesses that rely on local customers for a significant chunk of their revenue, it is imperative to have a strong local online presence.

According to WebFX, a whopping 86 percent of searches with local content tend to convert into purchases! Additionally, 46 percent of total searches conducted on Google are local. To best cater to the local audience, local SEO comes in handy.


This tactic proved to be crucial for increased leads and conversion for one of our clients – a Nottingham Gym.

An Overview of the business

A thriving gym in Nottingham, our client has managed to build quite an impressive brand image over the years. Considered to be among the oldest and premier gyms in the area, the facility is especially known for its hardcore training routines.

Nottingham gym

You can find 10 tons of weights, over 100 machines, dedicated trainers, and cardio rooms in the facility, thereby making it an optimum choice for residents of Nottingham who wish to build muscle strength.

All in all, the gym had all the ingredients for attracting the masses – except for one crucial element; a robust online presence.

The Challenges Faced

The Nottingham gym faced multiple obstacles when it came to its search engine rankings and website. These included the following:

1. Technical Website Glitches

While the website looked great for the most part, it featured various underlying issues like obsolete content, verbose texts, and technical flaws. Since such factors matter to the Google algorithm, the ranking of the website was severely compromised.

2. Poor local keyword ranking

Naturally, the primary target audience of the gym were those who resided in Nottingham. Yet, the website was not ranked in the first page results for the top local keywords related to the sector. This meant that people who had an intent to visit the best gym Nottingham has to offer were not shown the business.

3. Unsatisfactory Google My Business Results

Did you know that according to SEO Tribunal, over 56 percent of local businesses haven’t claimed their Google my Business page? Thankfully this Nottingham gym was not among them. However, still, their Google My Business Page was not wholistic in the information is provided.

The Steps Taken

We took various steps, both to address the general website issues as well as to boost our client’s local ranking. The objective of each of our measures was to drive higher traffic to the website to help improve conversion rates.

1. Website Audit

We first began by fixing the flaws inherent in the client’s website. An on-site audit revealed technical issues that were catered to. Additionally, keyword research was conducted. All old content was optimized and updated, and the schema was added to reflect SEO best practices.

2. Development of a local SEO strategy

Before we began optimizing the client’s presence for the local audience, we developed a local SEO strategy as a roadmap to follow. This allowed us to visualize the tactics to be used within the realm of local SEO – measures that were best suited for the unique needs of the gym.

3. Guest posting on local blogs

Keyword research was conducted to identify the top-performing local keywords for the sector as well as the business. Our experts then listed down UK-specific blogs that the target audience of the gym is likely to visit.

Guest posts linking back to the client’s website were submitted to such blogs to both build links as well as the credibility of the business.

4. Updating Google My Business Listing

By using our industry knowledge, we were able to identify ways how Google My Business listing of the business lacked. We then combatted it by providing the required information to the listing as well as ensuring that it had a good review rating.

The Results

Within 60 days of implementing the local SEO strategy, the visibility of the gym increased drastically. Its Google My Business results also improved. The targeted keywords added to the website’s content allowed the business to gain high rankings in Google search results.

the results

Each of these outcomes helped the client achieve their core objective of getting more traffic to their website and, subsequently, more members in their gym.

Parting Thoughts

This case sheds light on the importance of local SEO for businesses. It shows us that merely attracting traffic to websites is not enough. Instead, the trick is to attract the right type of audience. Only then can your SEO efforts be truly fruitful.

Here is a snapshot of the lessons one should learn from the case study:

  • A smooth website experience is at the heart of all SEO tactics.
  • Local SEO requires looking beyond your website.
  • Google My Business Pages must be claimed and maintained.

Are there any other insights you were able to gain through this case study? Let us know!